Shakira Makes Heartbreaking Revelations In A Tell-All Interview Amidst Split With Gerard Pique


    Shakira and Gerard Pique ended their 11-year relationship over a year ago, but it seems the singer has not fully moved on yet.

    Shakira and Gerard Pique

    The ‘She Wolf’ recently opened up about her stages of grief in a candid interview with Billboard.

    Shakira and Pique’s relationship began after the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where Spain emerged as the winner and Pique played a crucial role in the victory.

    Shakira and Gerard Pique
    Shakira and Gerard Pique

    The duo have two sons together, Milan and Sasha but they broke up in June 2022 amidst alleged Pique’s infidelity.

    Shakira, who once envisioned a lifelong partnership with the father of her children, revealed in her interview with Billboard that she is still battling with the breakup trauma and experiencing different stages of grief.

    Shakira and Gerard Pique
    Shakira and Gerard Pique

    The 46-year-old Colombian star discussed how she is coping with the split and where she currently stands emotionally.

    She said: “I’ve gone through several stages: denial, anger, pain, frustration, anger again, pain again. Now I’m in a survival stage.”

    “Like, just get your head above water. And it’s a reflection stage. And a stage of working very hard and when I have time with my children, really spend it with them.”

    Shakira recently shared with Billboard that she is still wrestling with her inner demons following the tumultuous breakdown of her relationship.

    Although speculation has surfaced that she may be dating F1 star Lewis Hamilton, there has been no official confirmation from either party.

    The talented singer, known for hits like “She Wolf,” confessed that she is still reeling from the split in a heartbreaking revelation.

    While discussing her upcoming song, she expressed her anguish by comparing the breakup to being discarded and surrounded by negativity.

    Furthermore, she delved into her musical journey since the split, emphasizing the organic opportunities that have arisen for her to create new tracks.

    Meanwhile, some of her recent singles, such as “The Boss,” appear to contain veiled jabs aimed at her ex-partner Gerard Pique.

    Shakira also shared that her career faced challenges during the ten years she spent in Barcelona with her family following the split.

    She added: “I was dedicated to him. To the family, to him. It was very difficult for me to attend to my professional career while in Barcelona.”

    Shakira reveals her challenges as a single mother

    The Columbian star, in her heartbreaking confession, revealed her challenges as a single mother.

    Shakira expressed that she is now channeling her efforts into spending quality time with her children, but admits that being a single mom can be difficult at times.

    Prioritizing her home and family has always been her main focus, and she held onto the belief in a lasting, “till death do us part” kind of love for herself and her children.

    She said: “My priority was my home, my family. I believed in ‘till death do us part.’ I believed that dream, and I had that dream for myself, for my children”.


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