Serie A: There will be ‘reduced’ quarantine law, says FIGC President Gabriele Gravina

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Gabriele Gravina, FIGC President, has confirmed that there will be a ‘reduced’ quarantine law today.

This, according to the head of the Italian football governing body was to ensure that the top two domestic leagues, Serie A and B begin in safety.

Italy is one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. It was initially the epicenter f the deadly virus before the US took over.

Italy currently has 238,000 confirmed cases, out of which 179,000 patients have recovered, and 34,338 have died.

They have slowed down the curve significantly after over two months of total lockdown. The latest number of deaths recorded in the country is 43 in the last 24 hours, which is significantly low to what the frontline workers had faced 90 days ago. Presently, the globe has over eight million confirmed cases, with 440,000 deaths so far.

To ensure the safety of players and football staff, strict testing procedures are being applied to avoid a further spike of the deadly virus.

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Since football action restarted in the country on Wednesday, there has not been further reports of the virus concerning football teams so far. Juventus forward, Paulo Dybala, who was one of the infected players, had battled the virus for 40 days before testing negative.

How the new quarantine law will work in Serie A

As the testing had been described as rigorous, the Federation had to convince the Technical Scientific Committee (TSC) to soften the quarantine. This means that it now only the player who tests positive for COVID-19 that will be isolated and not the entire squad and coaching staff for 14 days.

In a situation whereby a player is tested positive, and a whole team is quarantined, it could affect the restart calendar again as teams have just six weeks to complete their respective season.

For the new quarantine law to be effective, the Italian Government will need a new decree or to change the existing decree first.

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Gravina, in an interview with Rai, confirmed speaking with the Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora, whom he said pledged to make an effort in reducing the quarantine tomorrow. To Gravina, this is good news for all those who are passionate about football.

Speaking on the viewership of the Coppa Italia games, which resumed last week, the FIGC boss, who described the number of viewership as huge, said it shows the passion and how much football lovers wanted to witness actions.

“We also received the good news today that the opening game for the European Championship will again be at the Stadio Olimpico when Italy takes on Turkey,” he added.

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