Serie A plans to complete the 2019 – 2020 season despite the Coronavirus pandemic issues

    images 2020 04 13T134236.355
    images 2020 04 13T134236.355

    The surge of coronavirus has caused football to shutdown worldwide, however, Serie A league teams have voted to complete the season despite the pandemic that is ravaging around the world. 

    Serie A league is based Italy and Italy was hit very hard by the coronavirus. As a result, many teams are against completing the season. Shockingly, the teams voted in favor of finishing the league. The next phase of the plan is to roll out when the Serie A league will be completed amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 

    When asked about the vote, Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino said: “Of course we want to play football, it would be against nature to say otherwise. Those who have a profession would always like to continue to do it if it will be possible while respecting health standards and protocols.

    “We will strictly adhere to government advice, as we have always done. They can be sure of our constructive and collaborative spirit and that my harmony with [president of the FIGC Gabriele] Gravina is absolute”.

    The vote is in, Serie A league will declare no winner until the 2019/2020 season is completed. Next, Serie A league will have to wait for the Italian football federation (FIGC) to approve their decision. Futballnews thinks, The vote is likely to stand and the season will be completed. 

    Andrea Agnelli, Juventus president confirmed that his club is willing to complete the championship in its regular form if possible.

    Juventus Andrea said: “You know that I prefer silence, this may have fueled incorrect interpretations of Juventus’ will. Well, I strongly reiterate that Juventus have the firm will to end the 2019-20 season. Starting training on May 18 and matches in June, there will be ways and times to end the seasons while respecting the indications of UEFA.”

    Serie A confirmed that all 20 teams have voted in favor of completing the season earlier today.

    The approval of the vote is in the hands of the government and Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora.


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