Sergio Aguero of Manchester City is Injured again… Muscular/Hamstring issues


    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola told the press today that Sergio Aguero picked up a muscular injury during the premier league match draw against West Ham.  Aguero recently came back from a 3 months injury time off and now, he will be off for another short period of time.

    Prior to today’s injury, Aguero was out for a very long time and missed 18 games. Also, he just returned from his new injury against Arsenal last weekend, and now he will be out again. Aguero had a muscular injury, Pep Guardiola said, however, this may be a non-threatening injury and he should be back very soon.

     Sergio Aguero’s Injury history

    SeasonInjuryfromuntilDaysGames missed
    19/20Knee InjuryJun 23, 2020Oct 14, 2020113 days18
    19/20Muscle InjuryNov 24, 2019Dec 20, 201926 days7
    18/19Thigh ProblemsMar 31, 2019Apr 8, 20198 days2
    18/19Groin InjuryNov 30, 2018Dec 15, 201815 days6
    17/18Knee InjuryApr 13, 2018May 27, 201844 days6
    17/18Knee InjuryMar 11, 2018Apr 5, 201825 days3
    17/18Fractured RibSep 28, 2017Oct 14, 201716 days2
    16/17Muscular problemsAug 29, 2016Sep 12, 201614 days1
    15/16KnockNov 30, 2015Dec 14, 201514 days4
    15/16Hamstring InjuryOct 12, 2015Nov 19, 201538 days7
    14/15Ligament InjuryDec 8, 2014Jan 8, 201531 days7
    13/14Thigh ProblemsJun 26, 2014Jul 7, 201411 days
    13/14Knee ProblemsMar 13, 2014Mar 27, 201414 days3
    13/14Hamstring InjuryJan 30, 2014Feb 27, 201428 days5
    13/14Calf InjuryDec 16, 2013Jan 13, 201428 days8

    Sergio Aguero speaks on knee surgery, says it went well

    Manchester City has struggled anytime that Sergio Aguero is injured, they have tried to use Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling and others as a number 9 but they haven’t been successful with that move.

    Since Aguero has injury issues, Man City may need to find another striker if they want to have a good football season.


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