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Serbian President threatens to arrest Real Madrid star Luka Jovic if he breaks coronavirus isolation again

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The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has threatened to arrest Real Madrid player Luka Jovic if he fails to comply with his coronavirus self-isolation. 22-year-old Serbian forward had been heavily criticized by people in Serbia for endangering the lives of people around by failing to comply with his self-isolation after returning from Spain which has a high prevalence of the virus.

Jovic flew to Serbia on Thursday after a suspension was placed on all major leagues across Europe due to the outbreak of coronavirus. He went with the permission of the Real Madrid medical department which certified that he’s negative.

Reasonably, upon arrival in Serbia, he ought to be placed in quarantine for the next 14 days for flying into the country from a region that is badly affected by the virus. However, the 22-year-old forward has been seen in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, alongside fellow player Nikola Ninkovic of the lower division of the Italian league, Ascoli.

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According to the President of Serbia, “One of them [Ninkovic] is in a hotel and the other [Jovic] is in his apartment”

“If either of them leaves those places, they will be arrested. I think the two of them regret what they have done, but I’ll make it clear to them that people’s lives are much more important than their millions. Despite all that, we’re not going to crucify anyone.”

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s doctors had instructed Jovic to continue his self-isolation in Belgrade. This was mandatory for all Real Madrid players after a member of the basketball team was tested positive for Coronavirus earlier last week. This led to the closure of the Valdebebas training complex.

Jovic who has only scored two goals since he joined Real Madrid from Eintracht Frankfurt last summer has apologized for his actions. He explained that he did not get proper advice from medical practitioners. According to him, he tested negative while he was in Spain which made him decide to travel to Serbia where he can join his family to help and support the people around him.

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The Serbian international player published a post on Instagram where he apologized to everyone for endangering the lives of people around him. He, however, blamed it on unprofessional instructions that he received from some medical teams. In his words online, he said: “I apologize to everyone if I have endangered them in some way and I hope that together we can manage to overcome all this.”

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