See this premier league Referee’s reaction after Alexandre Lacazette’s missed a goal

    Alexandre Lacazette
    Alexandre Lacazette’s missed a big chance v Liverpool

    Alexandre Lacazette’s failure to score has a lot of fans screaming “selling him”. Lacazette is Arsenal’s number one striker but he is not playing like it and he hasn’t been playing like a true striker for a while.

    He missed a good chance to help Arsenal to level the match against Liverpool. He missed multiple chances but the one above is the best one that he could have scored.

    Here is what fans and spectators are saying about Lacazette “Michael Thomas: “Lacazette missed a great chance today but I think he is pivotal in the good things that #Arsenal produce going forward. He’s not praised enough for the team play & hard work that he brings”

    Mikel Arteta on Lacazette looking distraught: “They want to win & this is what I like. The mindset of the team is that they want to go to any ground & they want to win. The boys were really disappointed to lose the game because they really believed they could come here & do it.”

    “From the time Arsenal opened the scoring through Lacazette in the 25th minute, they had 5 touches in the Liverpool box and 3 shots. In 16 minutes, Diogo Jota had 4 penalty box touches and 3 shots.”


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