See Neymar’s Hot Sister Rafaella’s Exotic Lifestyle, Relationship, and Glamorous Birthday Parties

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PSG star Neymar and his gorgeous sister Rafaella Santos both share a sibling relationship that even couples admire.

Rafaella Santos

The 26-year-old Rafaella Santos is one of the most important people in Neymar’s life.
The Brazilian football superstar’s sister Rafaella Santos is a model and social media influencer.

Rafaella has pursued a successful career in modeling which has contributed to her massive 5.9 million Instagram followers.

Rafaella is the no.1 fan of the PSG star as she is always fond of watching him play at the club and international levels.

She was in Qatar watching and cheering Neymar as he captain Brazil at the 2022 World Cup last November to December.

The 26-year-old Influencer loves touring around the world as she doesn’t joke with her dreams of visiting all four corners of the world.

Rafaella often wows her fans with her jet-setting around the world and birthday parties to remember.


The 26-year-old Neymar’s model sister has taken her tour to a whole new level, flying through the skies in a private jet.

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The Brazilian sexy model Rafaella Santos loves to flaunt her sexy curves as she looks sensational in a busty white bikini while relaxing in the sun to get a nice shot.

Aside from traveling around the world, Rafaella also loves a good party and the Rio Carnival, an event that is beloved by many in Brazil, is proof of that.

Rafaella’s Birthday Parties

One of the crucial moments the PSG star wouldn’t want to miss is her beloved sister’s birthday.

Neymar and Rafaella

Rafaella throws some of the biggest parties of the year to celebrate her birthdays (March 11).

The birthday parties are so important to Rafaella’s brother Neymar that the Brazilian star can miss match duty just to be there.

PSG star Neymar

Neymar has been spotted with her sister on several occasions, even when PSG had matches in Europe.

Meanwhile, Rafaella has been accused of being the reason behind several of Neymar’s belligerence with PSG, as he always seems to be “injured” before traveling to Brazil for his sister’s birthday every February.

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The Brazilian star often finds a way to be by his sister’s side on her special day by maneuvering suspension if injury seems unreliable.

And that is why the PSG forward has sometimes been criticized for his “lack of discipline and commitment”.

Neymar’s yearly absence even saw PSG team-mate joke that if a team wanted to sign the Brazilian, they would have to “negotiate his sister’s birthday”.

Rafaella loves to party

Neymar and Raffaella’s Sibling love

The PSG star Neymar and her alluring sister Rafaella are incredibly close much that their affection is always roaming the Internet.

Neymar and Rafaella

The Brazilian football maestro admires her sister so much that the younger sibling’s image is beautifully drawn on the footie star’s sleeve.

Like her brother, Rafaella returned the favor by getting a tattoo of her superstar brother’s eyes on her left arm.

Neymar and Rafaella

The Brazilian star’s younger sister often watches Neymar’s matches, whether it’s for PSG or Brazil to cheer him up and comforts him when things don’t go well on the pitch.

Rafaella is in the stadium to watch her football icon brother

During the World Cup tournament in Qatar, Rafaella posts words of affection for her brother on Instagram after Brazil was eliminated from the competition.

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Following Brazil’s World Cup quarter-final loss to Croatia, she said: “I wish I could hold you in my lap and make all your pain go away, just like you did to me.

“I wish I could take all the obstacles out of your way, but I know it would be no grace and you wouldn’t have a way to become who you need to be.”

Her Relationship Status

Neymar’s sister Rafaella once had an affair with Gabriel Barbosa, better known as Gabigol, before the pair went apart.

The duo began their courtship in mid-2019 and called it quits in early 2020.

And shortly after, Rafaella was linked with another footballer, Lucas Lima, though they both denied the rumors that they were dating.

Neymar and Rafaella

Currently, Rafaella is believed to be single as she is very close with her famous brother, Neymar.

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