Saul Niguez of Chelsea used to bleed after every match due to a kidney problem while he was at Atletico Madrid, his brother Jonathan says


Saul Niguez might be one of the most criticized signings at Chelsea but he is one of the few footballers in this present era that has given so much to remain active in the game.

Recall that Saul Niguez joined Chelsea on loan from Atletico Madrid last summer. The loan deal that he signed with the Premier League club came with an option that could see him sign a permanent deal with Chelsea next summer.

However, he has not been able to impress the supporters of Chelsea who were very excited initially that he chose to sign for Chelsea instead of other suitors like Manchester United.

The embattled Spain international has managed to play 5 Premier League games mostly from the bench so far this season. He has played a total of 14 games in all competitions and has provided an assist.

This means that Saul Niguez who spent about 10 years of his football career at Atletico Madrid has so much to do to convince Chelsea that he is worth a permanent deal.

File photo of Saul Niguez at Atletico Madrid.

According to a report by a United Kingdom publication, The Sun, Saul Niguez’s elder brother Jonathan who is a professional footballer playing in a third division club in Spain, Torrellano, revealed that Saul had a kidney problem.

According to Jonathan, the 27-year-old Spanish midfielder suffered bleeding in his kidney after he clashed with a player during a UEFA Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen in 2015.

Jonathan Niguez, the elder brother of Saul Niguez of Chelsea.
File photo of Jonathan Niguez, the elder brother of Saul Niguez of Chelsea.

After the incident, the doctors had to advise the midfielder to stay away from football for a while but Saul Niguez continued to play. Jonathan claimed that the situation was so bad that the football star used to bleed after every game which scared the family that he might die if things continue that way.

The doctors had to place a catheter in his kidney to help it function properly. It got to a point that he urged the doctors to remove his kidney completely so that he could be able to play without any hindrance. Saul Niguez continued to play with pain and blood until the kidney healed.

He was part of the squad that helped Atletico Madrid to win the 2020-2021 Spanish La Liga title. His brother believes that since the midfielder was able to overcome the challenge he faced while battling with a kidney problem, he can overcome the challenge of not playing regularly at Chelsea.

Jonathan said: “My brother is not someone who throws in the towel easily… Saul loves challenges and is also stubborn

“He is a realist and never thought it would be an easy ride. He’s a new player fighting for a place in a team that are European champions.

“On top of this, the midfield is high quality and perhaps Chelsea’s strongest part of the team.

“But my brother is not someone who throws in the towel easily. He loves challenges and is also stubborn. When he has something in his head, he fights until he achieves it.

“I can tell everyone at Chelsea that his head and heart are with the club. He has no thoughts of giving up, he’s just waiting to get his chance…

“It’s no secret my brother has not played as many games for Chelsea as we all expected since he left Spain.

“He was one of Atletico’s main players, one of Diego Simeone’s most trusted warriors, and after nearly ten years there he needed time to adapt to a new coach and new style.

“I know how desperate he is to play and impress everyone and I also know what he is capable of.

“But the season is long, Chelsea have a lot of demands and he knows the coach will give him the chance — and when it comes I am sure you’ll see Saul at his best.”


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