Sam Allardyce and West Brom now have the hope of surviving relegation


The manager of West Brom, Sam Allardyce believes that the two successive victories the club recorded in their last two games have heightened the club’s hope of surviving relegation.

West Brom appointed Sam Allardyce as the manager of the club when the club was already in the relegation zone. The club made the 66-year-old former England head coach the manager of the club because of his antecedent in helping clubs to escape relegation.

However, when he arrived at West Brom in December last year, the veteran coach could not perform an instant miracle with the team and had to continue struggling until in recent times the club found a way to start recording good results.

In their last two games, West Brom faced two sides that ought to get at least a point from them but the struggling team stunned football fans by defeating the two teams convincingly.

The first team Sam Allardyce and his boys stunned was Chelsea football club. The struggling team visited Stamford Bridge and slammed Chelsea with a 5-2 defeat on April 3, 2021.

On April 12, 2021, Southampton visited the Hawthorns Stadium to play against West Brom. And the host slammed them with a 3-0 defeat which has made the struggling team a course of concern to the clubs they are yet to play against in the second half of this season.

However, the two successive victories have not changed their status as a relegation-bound team because they are still dwelling on the 19th spot on the league table with 24 points in 31 games.

After recording 17 defeats, 9 draws, and 5 wins, West Brom are just 9 points away from safety. The most difficult part of the task is that their destiny is not in their hands alone, they have to keep winning while they continue to hope that teams like Fulham, Newcastle United, Burnley, and Brighton will keep dropping points.

Sam Allardyce and West Brom now have the hope of surviving relegation
The coach of West Brom, Sam Allardyce.

After West Brom’s 3-0 win over Southampton on Monday, coach Sam Allardyce said: “It is one of many to top-qualityrformances over the past eight or 10 games but we haven’t received the credit because we didn’t win. We have missed out on many points due to our poor finishing.

“We have had two very important wins but unfortunately we have to rely on other people losing. But we are still fighting.”

He noted that the win over Chelsea and Southampton has given “the players hope and belief”.

“We have slipped up in front of goal too much”, he added. “We would be on the 30-point mark now if we had taken our chances. We have got it down to eight points but games are running out.”


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