Sadio Mane Upholds His religion as He Refused to Hold Beer in Bayern Munich Team Photoshoot


    Sadio Mane maintained his Islamic virtues by forbidding himself to hold a glass of beer in Bayern Munich’s Oktoberfest sponsored team photoshoot.

    Bayern Munich, in celebration of their partnership with Munich-based brewery Paulaner, have released pictures of their squad from their traditional photoshoot taken on Monday, 29th of August, 2022.

    Sadio Mane
    Bayern Munich Oktoberfest senior team photoshoot

    The German club’s new signing and former Liverpool star Sadio Mane have been praised by fans and Muslim brothers all over the world for posing without alcohol at the Oktoberfest photoshoot.

    The photoshoot captioned all members of the Bayern Munich senior team in ancestral German outfits called Lederhosen, holding a glass of beer while posing in an orderly sitting.

    The former Liverpool winger is a practicing Muslim and therefore abstained from liquoring up on every given occasion.

    The Senegalese philanthropist and superstar confidently sat in the front row along with the rest of the squad clothed in Lederhosen without holding a cup of beer like his other teammates. His gesture has received so much praise from fans on social media for not being pressured into holding a beer and remaining true to his Islamic religion.

    Sadio Mane in his Bavarian outfit during the 2022 Oktoberfest.
    Sadio Mane in his Bavarian outfit during the 2022 Oktoberfest.

    One of Sadio Mane’s fans commented under the photoshoot on Facebook saying: ‘No matter the situation, Sadio Mane never forgets his religion’.

    One of Mane’s fellow religious brothers and fans also commented saying that: “We Muslims are so proud of him”.

    Recall that Sadio Mane respectfully asked former Liverpool teammate Takumi Minamino to put a bottle of champagne down last season when the Reds were celebrating Liverpool’s Carabao Cup final win against Chelsea. Minamino instantly put the bottle down at Mane’s request, and the pair proceeded to celebrate with the rest of the team.

    Meanwhile, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp once asserted that he has always paid respect to Islamic rites and applauded the performances of Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane before and during the Ramadan period.

    Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp

    Jurgen Klopp, during a press conference ahead of a clash with Tottenham Hotspur in the 2019 Champions League final said: “There is no problem with the fast of my players, I respect their religion, they were always wonderful and they offered the best whether they were fasting or not.”

    In Bayern sponsored team’s photoshoot, there were 31 players in the photoshoot out of which 29 players were captured holding a tall glass of Paulaner beer each while the other two players, Sadio Mane and Noussair Mazraoui were exempted from holding a beer.

    Sadio Mane
    Sadio Mane is spotted at the right while Mazraoui is circled at left

    When the picture surfaced on social media, Moroccan defender Noussair Mazraoui who did not also hold a glass of beer because he is a practicing Muslim was also commended alongside the Senegalese star by football fans.

    One of the fans tweeted: ‘Mane and Mazraoui, give it up for these guys.

    Bayer Munich and Paulaner Alliance

    Paulaner is a German brewery that was established in 1634 in Munich. The beer ranks number six among Germany’s best-selling beers and it’s one of the six breweries that provide beer for Oktoberfest, an annual German celebration in which Bayern Munich are heavily involved.

    The popular 3-liter Paulaner beer glasses have become a component of Bayern Munich’s history over the years as both German institutions have established a long-time alliance and the annual photoshoot is one of the ways they celebrate their coalition.


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