Ryan Giggs “skillful on the pitch but uglier in character” – Peter Wright QC

    Ryan Giggs
    Ryan Giggs

    Ryan Giggs, former Manchester United player and ex-manager of the Wales national team has been alleged of several cases of assault, by his ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville.

    The court heard how Giggs “lost control” and headbutted his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Greville in November 2020 after she decided to leave him. He allegedly elbowed his ex-lover sister Emma in the jaw as she was trying to pull him off Ms. Greville while the pair were grappling on the floor.

    Minshull Street Crown Court heard Ms. Greville leveled several allegations against Giggs including that he once physically threw her out of their home and that he threatened to send her photos; presumably nude pictures, to his friends.

    The alleged assaults against Ms Greville and her younger sister Emma took place in November 2020 during a hot argument at the pair’s home in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

    Ms. Greville, aged 37, has accused former Manchester United player, Ryan Giggs of kicking her in the face while her younger sister says she was elbowed in the jaw when she tried to pull the former Wales manager off her.

    Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville

    Prosecutor Peter Wright QC described Giggs as being “idolized” for his skills on the pitch but had a “much uglier and more sinister side to his character” behind closed doors.

    Moreover, Ryan Giggs denied all charges leveled against him claiming that he is innocent of all allegations and that he never assaulted the prosecutor nor did any of what she acclaimed.

    However, Ms. Greville gave evidence Giggs “grabbed her by both shoulders, looked her in the eyes, and headbutted her” on November 1, 2020.

    She said Giggs wasn’t faithful as he had several amorous relationships and she decided she couldn’t continue with him anymore. While she was out together with Giggs and his friends at Manchester’s Stock Exchange which Giggs part-owns, she came home early to pack her things and leave him. But Giggs arrived ten minutes later and caught her packing her luggage in the car with her sister and began throwing things out of the car, she claimed.

    She added that: “He was very angry. I hadn’t seen him that angry before.”

    Ryan Giggs
    Giggs in Manchester United

    Ms Greville said she had put Giggs’ phone in another room and he tried to take her phone in retaliation which ended with the pair wrestling on the floor.

    She said: “He’s pinning me down on the floor trying to reach for my hand. I’m pushing him with my hands and pushing his face with my hands and trying to kick my legs to kick him off me. I was shouting to my sister for help.

    “She grabbed him around the waist to try to pull him off. He pushed his arm back.”

    Ryan Giggs and his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville

    The court heard Giggs took the plaintiff’s phone and left the house, before coming back and telling Ms. Greville and her sister he had called the police.

    Ms . Greville said: “I said ‘I’m glad the police are coming because you attacked me so I will tell them exactly what happened He came at me from nowhere and grabbed me by my shoulders and headbutted me in my face.

    “[He held me by] Both shoulders. He didn’t say sorry, he said nothing. I said ‘I can’t believe you have just done that.’

    “I was in shock. It was with real intent. He wanted to hurt me and he looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me in the face.

    “He said to me: ‘You need to think about this Kate, this will ruin me and ruin you. Think about my job, think about my career, think about my kids.'”

    Ms Greville narrated her sexual ordeal with Ryan Giggs. She told the police that, though Giggs did not force himself on her but he uses her as his sex toy “he was using sex to get to me” and would “randomly send sexual messages or pictures.”

    Ms Greville said Giggs would come to her residence and they would have sex, even when they were not in talking terms. She said: “It was really not a nice time. I felt he was just using me for sex. I could feel it.
    “He would never leave me alone. There was never a time he didn’t want to have sex. It was every other day or something..”

    The plaintiff claimed Ryan Giggs was physically abusive to her on several occasions:

    The plaintiff claimed Ryan Giggs was physically abusive to her on several occasions:

    She described an incident that occurred during their relationship when the former Wales winger got mad at her in a hotel room and grabbed her “hard” by the wrists.
    She said he “literally dragged” her, while she was naked, across the floor before he threw her belongings into the corridor.

    Ms. Greville said she was “left humiliated and embarrassed” as she was only in a towel and had to collect her belongings and try to get back into the suite, she added: “That was the first time he was aggressive to me”

    She proceeded and described another occasion where Ryan Giggs called her by his ex-wife’s name and pulled the strap on her bag so hard that she lost motion and landed on her knee, causing a bruise.

    Ms. Greville also described another assault she suffered from Giggs when they were in bed and Giggs “kicked her in the back” causing her to fall off the bed before throwing her laptop and bag at her head, leaving her with a “massive lump”.

    The trial of the case is expected to last for 8 more days from the date of publishing this report. If Giggs is found guilty, he might be sentenced to at least five years imprisonment.


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