Ryan Giggs Set For Retrial Again For Assault And Controlling Behavior on Kate Greville

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Former Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs is set to face a retrial over alleged assault on Kate Greville. Giggs’ sailed through the first marathon of legal battle as the jurors failed to reach a verdict after deliberations.

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs to reappear in court for a retrial on July 31, 2023, Court rules

When it was believed that it’s all over, the former Manchester United star, and Premier League legend Ryan Giggs will reappear in court again for a retrial over alleged assault and controlling behavior on his ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville, and her sister Emma Greville.

Ryan Giggs has been facing a long legal battle to clear his name of charges of assault and controlling behavior on Kate Greville and her sister Emma Greville.

The former Manchester United legend has denied all charges leveled against him, saying he had never attempted an assault on his ex-girlfriend or her sister. However, testimonies of Police interviews played at the Chester Court capture graphic scenes of violence and assault by Giggs on Kate Greville.

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He had admitted having scuffles and struggled with Kate but denied that he had attempted to assault her. On one occasion, Emma Greville mentioned a scenario where Giggs had headbutted her sister, injuring her in the process.

The prosecutors said that Giggs had made his private life suffocating and unbearable for those who came close to him, despite the idol status that his fans had accorded him.

After a drawn legal battle, the Jurors in charge of adjudicating the case could not reach a consensus on the appropriate verdict for Giggs. This dragged on for 23 hours of deliberation. The Jurors were finally discharged, and the trial of Giggs ended without a final judgment.

When a jury is discharged, the prosecutors still have the leeway to appeal for another hearing which could lead to a retrial. Anyway, a second discharge of the jury due to indecision could be the last blow to any attempt to revive the case.

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Unfortunately for Giggs, a judge at Manchester Crown Court has approved a retrial of Ryan Giggs’ case after a short hearing. The new trial date has been scheduled for July 31, 2023. This implies that Ryan Giggs will reappear in court on the slated date for a retrial.

Ryan Giggs
Kate Greville and Ryan Giggs

Reacting to the new development, Ryan Giggs expressed his disappointment with the call for a retrial.

“I am disappointed that a retrial has been ordered. Nevertheless, I am confident that justice will eventually be done, and my name will be cleared of all the allegations,” he said.

Ryan Giggs allegedly headbutted Kate Greville in his house in Greater Manchester on November 1, 2021. He had also reportedly used controlling behavior on her and assaulted her sister, Emma Greville.

Giggs had admitted during his trial that he is a ‘love cheat’ and has been unfaithful in his previous relationships. Nevertheless, he had denied ever assaulting Late Greville or her sister Emma Greville.

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The retrial is fixed on July 31, 2022. Ryan Giggs will reappear in the Crown Court to clear his name. However, if the jurors failed to reach a decision this time, the likelihood of the prosecutors winning a retrial will be extremely low.

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