Rudiger helps to stem COVID-19 in Sierra Leone and Germany


    Chelsea defender, Antonio Rudiger has made donations to help weather the COVID-19 in Sierra Leone- his parent native- and Germany.

    The 27-year-old center-back has bemoaned the rate at which the global pandemic shook the world, stating following the laid down COVID-19 protocol will help reduce the overwhelming cases of the virus

    “It was shocking. At some point especially at the beginning like for a couple of months, the world was standing still and it makes you think a lot,” Rudiger overwhelming stated

    “So far I haven’t had it (Covid-19) so thank God for that and none of my family members have had it. It’s tough for everyone but I think if you follow the rules and do what they say you should do, I think you can save lives.” He added

    The former AS Roma defender has donated about sixty thousand facemasks for the traders in his parent home country and also in cash and in kind to the nation’s education scheme. He has also dashed out groceries to the frontline workers of the pandemic in Berlin.

    The German narrated how he had lived in penury, before he rose through the ranks, stating he could lend helping hands

    “I have been poor before so I just thought what I can do to help in this type of situation, .My family flew from civil war and we had a great life in Germany. You always have to be thankful but I also have different roots this is also what I have to respect.” he narrated

    “I asked the hospital where I was born what I can do to help then I said for the next three months I am going to pay for food for hospital workers there

    “I donated to education in Sierra Leone. I strongly believe in God and that’s why it’s important for me to share. This is how I grew up.” He said

    Rudiger likes to contribute more by going beyond mere donations to the West African country.

    Rudiger said the biggest blessing to grow up there with different groups of people of different races like the Blacks, Arabs, and Polish among others. He said growing with different cultures and speaking different languages means a lot for the German.

    Rudiger hopes to have more playing times with the new Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, as he played the last game-Wolves- managed by his countryman.


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