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Reece Thompson released from prison and looking for a new football club

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Former footballer Reece Thompson who has played for seven senior teams in the span of six years has announced on his social media that he is looking for a new club after his release from prison. Thompson was given a 40-month sentence along with a ten-year restraining order for domestic violence against his girlfriend. 

His first tweet since his release has caused a bit of an outrage on social media with fans calling him a coward. Fans have criticized his decision to make gest of the situation by tweeting and said he showed no remorse and didn’t bother to give an apology.

On April 3, 2019, Thompson pleaded guilty to ”damaging property, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and inflicting grievous bodily harm to the victim over a three day period when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court.”

The 25-year-old was granted an early release from prison and the footballer announced on social media that he will be looking for a new club.

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The NPL Supporters group replied: ”Clearly no remorse, you vile coward.”

Another user MrBluesky1UK said: ”No remorse then Reece?? Your tweet proves the type of person you are. Anyone that beats a woman is a coward.”

Former girlfriend Danielle Thomas who said she feared for her life because of his controlling and possessive ways. Thomas suffered a broken jaw and had several bruises all over her body. During her court appearance, Danielle Thomas told the court she thought she was going to die in the hands of Thompson. She recalled a time when he smashed two mirrors over her head before passing out unconscious. 

She furthered told the court, that he would at times rub glass into her back and threatened to make her run down the street naked. Neighbors heard a loud commotion and later called the police where she was rushed to the hospital and Thompson was later jailed. 

Speaking last year she said: ”Reece repeatedly hit me. He hit me with an iron bar, broke my jaw and smashed a mirror over my head. I was made to lick paint up off the floor and then he smashed another mirror over my head. It was when he picked up the second mirror that I thought I was going to die, I screamed for him to stop or he would kill me. He told me to get my arms down and take the beating like a real person.”

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This ordeal has left Thomas in a fearful state of mind as she is still very much affected by it. To try and deal with the trauma of it all she has decided to speak out against domestic violence and has joined a local activist group. 

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