Real Madrid player James Rodriguez is missing traveling days during coronavirus lockdown [Video]

    images 2020 04 20T204755.974
    images 2020 04 20T204755.974

    James Rodriquez is a funny guy and that is shy he has a lot of follower on instagram. Today, he was so bored that he simulated his airport trips at his home. James, his headphones, a suitcase and treadmill.

    The coronavirus lockdown order has caused an explainable feeling to hundreds of people around the world. People have greatly missed the good old days when they could do anything, go to places they want and socialize with people they want to. However, all of these have become history since the outbreak of the pandemic, people have been restrained to the four walls of their homes, social gathering has been banned and a heavy restriction is placed on the movement of people from one place to another.

    Among those people who were badly affected by the lockdown order are the football players who are used to traveling from one city to another and from one country to another to trade their career. For instance, Champions League among other competitions sees football teams traveling from one country to another to foster their Champions League campaigns.

    Reasonably, this has been put on hold since a suspension is placed on football activities. Real Madrid loan returnee James Rodriguez seemed to have missed the good old days where they travel from one country to another to trade their hurdle as footballers.

    In a recent video shared online, the Columbian international was seen dramatizing like he’s at the airport where he is waiting for his luggage to be checked and pass at the security unit.

    James Rodriguez dressed like he was flying to a country for an intention best known to him, he was seen on a passenger security checkpoint to ascertain if he does not have any implicating item in his luggage.

    The 27-year-old is one of the best midfielders in the world, he had the most successful point of his career playing for Real Madrid of Spain winning two Champions League trophy with the Los Blancos. Rodriguez used to be an important part of the team until 2017 when he had difficulty to impress Zinedine Zidane, Rodriguez was sent to Bayern Munich on a two-year loan. He recently returned to the Spanish capital to rejoin the Los Blancos before football was interrupted by the pandemic.


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