Real Madrid Blast UEFA Compensation Scheme After 2022/23 Champions Final Chaos [Details]


Real Madrid have blasted UEFA’s compensation plan for affected fans after the 2022/23 Champions League final fracas.

Real Madrid UEFA

Thousand of fans were denied entry into Stade de France although they have secured tickets for the match.

Footage showed hordes of fans mostly Liverpool supporters held up at the gates of the stadium for hours and not allowed to access the match venue.

As more fans cluttered up several entry points the security were forced into task, trying to quell the ensuing chaos.

Some fans were trying to forcefully break into the stadium by forcing their way through the barricades.

The crisis at the gate saw the kickoff delayed by 36 minutes as the security struggled to restore order.

Real Madrid UEFA

UEFA and French authorities blamed the melee on the fans who had arrived late for the kickoff and tried to force their way into the stadium.

However, an independent commission of inquiry set up by UEFA to investigate the cause of the incident blamed the UEFA and the Local Organizing Committee for the crisis while clearing the fans of any wrongdoing.

The commission reports UEFA bears the “primary responsibility” for the pandemonium which almost ground the game to a halt.

After the report by the commission, UEFA have apologized to all Liverpool and Real Madrid fans affected by the incident and have outlined an elaborate plan to refund all the affected fans following the disaster.

Real Madrid UEFA

The cost of reparations and refunds as planned by UEFA is estimated at over £3.4million.

However, the football governing body has outlined certain conditions that must be met before being amenable to a refund.

Emphasis is being placed on Liverpool fans who had the “most difficult circumstances” trying to gain entry into the stadium at “specific entry points” before “21:00CEST.”

Some Real Madrid fans who were also affected by the melee are also amenable to a refund but they must equally meet the conditions outlined for the Reds supporters.

Some Liverpool fans have reportedly welcomed the refund by UEFA while others are still bent on pressing charges against the football governing body.

Reacting to the compensation plan, Real Madrid have blasted UEFA’s compensation plan, insisting they will not cooperate with the body on the scheme because it is “limited.”

According to BBC, Real Madrid have aired their grievances and concerns on the scheme, urging UEFA to take “full responsibility” for the damages done by the disaster.

The faceoff between Real Madrid and UEFA is the conditions listed by UEFA which prioritizes Liverpool supporters for refund.

UEFA outlined four clear conditions to be met to qualify for a refund.

They include;

Those who had tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y, and Z at the Stade de France – these are gate points where Liverpool fans struggled to gain entry to the stadium.

Those who did not enter the stadium before kick-off at 21:00 local time.

Those who did not enter the stadium at all after purchasing the ticket.

Those who bought accessibility tickets.

A statement by Real Madrid blasted the scheme saying it is not sufficient since all fans are not earmarked for a refund.

“Unfortunately we consider the Uefa proposal insufficient

“The content of the report, which was requested by Uefa itself, highlights all the fans who attended the final were victims of Uefa’s poor organization and saw their personal safety compromised.

“Whether being able to access the stadium or not or having done so at the scheduled time, which in any case was due to the exceptional behavior of the fans of the two clubs, the reality is that all the fans suffered.

“For this reason, Real Madrid has decided not to cooperate with the limited compensation scheme promoted by Uefa, which we ask to rectify and assume full responsibility.”

Real Madrid did not reportedly cooperate with the independent commission throughout the investigation. UEFA have also confirmed the club has distanced themselves from the current compensation plan.


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