Ralf Rangnick might remain the coach of Manchester United beyond the 2021-2022 season


The interim coach of Manchester United, Ralf Rangnick, has revealed that he might remain the coach of Manchester United beyond the 2021-2022 season.

The German tactician was appointed the interim coach of the club after the Premier League side sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer due to a poor run of games.

Based on the contract Ralf Rangnick signed with Manchester United, he is expected to remain as Manchester United interim coach for 6 months which means that his reign will end at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

After his initial six months as the interim coach of the club, he is expected to remain contracted to Manchester United for 2 years as a consultant.

In his first official press conference as the coach of Manchester United, Ralf Rangnick stressed that he might be given more time in charge of the team if things go well under his reign.

“If everything goes well I might make the same recommendation that I did at RB Leipzig twice – that it might be a good idea to keep working with me for one year – but it is all hypothetical,” he said.

“The people with whom I have spoken have been very clear we are speaking of a six-month role as manager.

“We have never spoken about what will happen in the summer.

“Right now, I’m fully aware that they might be looking for a new manager. If they will then speak with me about that, we will see.

“For me, now it is about winning the next games and this is the major focus.”

Ralf Rangnick and his view on Cristiano Ronaldo

Ralf Rangnick and his view on Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo.

When Ralf Rangnick was announced the interim coach of Manchester United, most pundits thought that it might be difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo to survive under the German coach.

The argument was based on the fact that Rangnick is known for an aggressive attack style of football. He likes to press the opponent’s defense which many believe that Ronaldo does not have the physical strength to cope with such a style of football.

However, Rangnick who watched Manchester United win over Arsenal 3-2 on Thursday night [a game in which Ronaldo scored two goals] told reporters that it is the coach that would have to adapt to the footballers he have in his possession.

“You always have to adapt your idea of football to the players you have available, not vice versa,” said Rangnick.

“Seeing Cristiano in the second half at the age of 36, amazing – top professional. At his age, I have never seen a player who is still that physically fit and he is still a player who can easily make the difference.

“It’s about how we can develop the whole team, it’s not only about Cristiano. We play in the most competitive league in the world so we need all the players on board. What I saw from Cristiano, he is more than willing to do that.”

Rangnick is expected to use the remaining games this season to push Manchester United into the top four. The club is currently sitting on the 7th spot, 12 points away from first-placed Chelsea.


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