Raheem Sterling Mentioned as A Witness Testified Over Benjamin Mendy Rape Case


    A witness has testified against Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy who was accused of various offenses including seven counts of rape.

    The 28-year-old Benjamin Mendy was accused of rape by six women and denies seven rapes, a sexual assault, and attempted rape. While his friend and ‘fixer’, Matturie, 41, who is alleged to have had the job of finding young women for sex is alleged of six rapes and three sexual assaults against seven women.

    Benjamin Mendy

    According to the statement of a woman whose name was withheld, she told Chester Crown Court on Thursday, October 20, that she saw and heard a girl screaming “rape, rape” at a party attended by Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy.

    The party took place last year in January during the Coronavirus lockdown at an apartment in Chapel Street near Manchester city center.

    The witness said the young woman had been in an upstairs room with other people, but she couldn’t identify her.

    The woman said co-accused, Louis Saha Matturie, who was downstairs at the time, grabbed the girl, yelled at her, and told her to ‘shut up’ as police officers arrived and banged the door to disassemble the lockdown gathering last year.

    The witness told the jury that Police officers inquired from other party attendees about the girl but they learned she had left the place before they got in.

    During the hearing, the witness told Chester court she was 18, she lived and worked in Sheffield when she began clubbing and went to numerous parties with footballers.

    She further accused Benjamin Mendy’s ‘fixer’ of sexually assaulting her at a property in Sheffield in December 2016, but Mr. Matturie of Eccles, Salford, denies all allegations.

    Raheem Sterling Calls me ‘Fat’

    The woman said she attended another party in December same year at the same address where she met Chelsea’s winger Raheem Sterling, who called her ‘fat’ after he tripped over her feet.

    Manchester City
    Raheem Sterling

    She told the jury she was sitting on a sofa and the former Manchester City winger, Sterling, who now plays for Chelsea, was passing by and tripped over her foot.

    Mattuire’s Lawyer, Lisa Wilding KC, asked the witness: ‘He tripped over you and he was aggressive with you?’

    The witness responded ‘yes’ and said Sterling called her ‘fat’.

    Ms. Wilding continued: ‘And you were cross about that?

    ‘One of your friends called him a four-foot gnome and properly insulted him and you felt better?’

    The woman replied that she didn’t feel offended but she was just frightened as to why anyone would flare up over a foot tripping.

    The witness said: ‘Not cross but confused as to why anyone can be aggressive to someone when tripping over a foot. Non-intentional.’

    The prosecutors had earlier on alleged Benjamin Mendy to be a ‘predator’ who ‘turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game. While his friend Matturie is alleged to have had the job of finding young women for sex ‘fixers’.

    Both Mendy and Matturie deny all allegations, claiming if any sex did take place with women or girls it was consensual.

    Whereas, none of the women involved, as sexual assault plaintiffs, can be identified.
    However, the trial was adjourned until today, October 21st, 2022.


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