Qatar Offer Refunds to World Cup Fans Trapped in Shoddy Accomodations

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Qatar is reportedly offering a refund and free accommodations to World Cup fans trapped in shoddy and uncompleted accommodations.

Qatar offers refund for fans trapped in shoddy accomodations

Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, there have been reports that some structures and facilities for the World Cup were still under construction.

While the Qatari government financed and embarked on massive construction and renovation projects ahead of the World Cup, it was reported that they still lag behind, and most projects will be completed during the tournament.

The way Qatar handled the preparatory plans called to question their readiness to host the world’s most followed sporting event.

Just days before the World Cup, a trendy video had shown a big gapping and threatening hole a few miles away from the Lusail stadium, which was to host the final of the tournament.

The hole, which was due to a technical error, was another clue that Qatar had hurriedly attempted to fix things ahead of the tournament but had failed at some points.

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They had mobilized workers to fix things ahead of the tournament hurriedly. However, it has been reported that they failed in the aspect of accommodation for World Cup fans.

According to the Sun, some World Cup fans are stuck in shoddy structures and tents in villages, with no access to standard facilities.

Meanwhile, some fans were forced to pay £175 for rickety cabins with poor facilities. They even had to queue because of the shortage of essential facilities, with increasing numbers of fans looking for where to settle.

Fans complain of poor facilities in the cabins

Qatar “fan villages” which was built to accommodate the over a million football fans that will throng into the Gulf state was inundated.

They did not even meet the taste of the fans, and a fan even had to walk away from the structure even after he had reportedly paid £2,500.

Meanwhile, many sites were still undergoing construction amidst the queue, and the available ones failed below expectation.

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It has also been revealed that a significant issue broke out in two of the fan camps – Fan Village Cabins Zafaran and Fan Village Cabins Free Zone.

Some World Cup fans reportedly had it tough and rough. They slept in cozy conditions and had to find another accommodation or wait up to six hours as they couldn’t access their pre-booked rooms.

Some fans also had problems at check-in. Others who had a booking confirmation were reportedly told that there was no available space for them after they had expended heavy sums on the accommodation.

Construction process is still ongoing in the fan villages even when the World Cup has started

Even those who were able to secure spaces were bitterly lodging complains over the poor and inadequate facilities in the cabins.

The rigors, twists, and inconsistencies sparked tensions when an official struggled to maintain order in a somewhat chaotic space.

Meanwhile, the Sun reports that Qatar Supreme Committee have said they have acknowledged the problems facing the fans in the fan villages.

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Hence, they have confirmed their decision to refund the money to the affected fans and also provide free alternative accommodations for them.

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