PSG Ultras Threaten to Cut Off Dusan Vlahovic’s Three Fingers if he Joins The Club


PSG ultras have sent a chilling warning to Juventus forward to back off from joining the club this summer as they are ready to cut off his three fingers if he completes a move to the club.

Futballnews understands PSG are ramping up effort to beef up their attacking lineup ahead of next season as they brace up for the exit of Kylian Mbappe.

It is understood Kylian Mbappe is set to leave PSG this summer after he submitted an exit letter that has thrown PSG hierarchy into a transfer dilemma.

Mbappe notified the club he will not sign a new contract when he runs out of his current contract next season. PSG are insisting he must renew his contract or be sold this summer.

Meanwhile, a bombshell interview in which the French striker called PSG “a divisive club” has surfaced further deepening the strained relationship between him and the club.

Dusan Vlahovic psg ultras
PSG target Dusan Vlahovic warned by PSG ultras not to join the club or have his three fingers cut off

PSG are no longer keeping faith in retaining Kylian Mbappe next season and are already scarifying the transfer market for new strikers to stand in should Mbappe leave the club this summer.

The French Ligue 1 giants are plotting a move for £77m-rated Juventus attacker Dusan Vlahovic as a replacement for Mbappe but it appears they are likely to incur the wrath of PSG ultras if they push through the move.

According to reports reaching us from marca, PSG ultras have issued a stern warning to Dusan Vlahovic not to join the club.

The extremist fan group took to the entrance of Parc des Princes and hoisted an ominous banner with a fearful warning message to Vlahovic written in French.

Dusan Vlahovic psg ultras

As translated by marca, the inscription on the flag reads; “If you (Dusan Vlahovic) come, we will cut off your three fingers.”

Why are PSG ultras plotting to cut off Dusan Vlahovic’s three fingers?

PSG ultras’ threat to Dusan Vlahovic has been linked to the controversial political undertaking of the Serbian government towards Kosovo.

In 2008, Kosovo declared their independence as a sovereign nation but the declaration has not been recognized by their more powerful neighbors, Serbia.

Serbia still regards Kosovo as part of the Serbian province under the control of Serbian government.

A political group known as the Serbian Renewal Movement – an ultranationalist movement – is a big opponent to Kosovo independence.

The party is linked to a controversial three-finger salute known across Serbia as the Serbian salute.

Dusan Vlahovic psg ultras
Dusan Vlahovic and his teammates use the three-finger Serbian salute while on international duty

Dusan Vlahovic was spotted making the Serbian Salute with his three fingers while on international duty, including wearing a shirt which inscribes Kosovo into Serbian territory.

In France, Kosovo is being recognized as an independent nation since they declared independence in 2008 hence the PSG ultras shared the dominant pro-Kosovo political sentiments in France, detesting Dusan Vlahovic’s anti-Kosovo three fingers salute.

Who are PSG ultras?

PSG ultras is a typical Italy-styled group of football supporters known for their extremist tendencies. They are known for football hooliganism and other uncouth approaches while supporting their clubs.

Ultra football fans groups have been traced to Italy but is gradually creeping into other top leagues in Europe according to reports.

PSG ultras have been linked to recent extremist behaviors in Paris. They booed Lionel Messi asking him to leave the club, including Neymar.

When PSG signed Lucas Hernandez, the ultra group said they don’t want Lucas Hernandez in the team. PSG have increasingly condemn extremist football sentiments carried out by the group.


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