PSG star, Neymar Jr celebrates 27th birthday extravagantly but coach Tuchel tagged it a distraction

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Brazilian international footballer, Neymar celebrated his 27th birthday in an extravagant manner which had all attendees donned in all-white outfits. The Brazilian star hosted a couple of A-list footballers at the palatial Parisian nightclub Yoyo on Sunday.

Neymar Jnr who shares a birthday date with Christiano Ronaldo celebrated his 27th birthday ahead of the day which supposed to be Feb 5. The Brazilian star is hailed for his extravagant get-together, and this year is not an exception.

The Sunday bash party came after PSG destroyed Montpelier with five goals to none. To the PSG coach, Thomas Tuchel, it was a glorious win and a motivation to prepare well for the next game. However, to the Brazilian star, there was no better way to have celebrated his birthday this year after a bad-tempered win against one of their biggest rivals.

Reasonably, Paris Saint-German coach, Thomas Tuchel skipped the all-white birthday party because he believed that it was a distraction. While speaking to newsmen, Tuchel said:

“These are distractions, and they give the impression we are not serious, not professional,”

Many people had thought the coach has a personal beef with the player. However, Thomas Tuchel was quick to correct the wrong impression that is first comment gave to people. He denied every fact that he has a personal issue with Neymar Jnr which could be the reason he was absent at his birthday party.
The coach disclosed in a recent comment he made on Tuesday that he had to make the decision as a coach and not because he has a personal beef with Neymar. He said:

“It’s my choice not to participate in the party, It’s a choice as a coach; it’s not against Neymar personally”

Although there were not many people in attendance for Neymar’s birthday this year. However, with the presence of Kylian Mbappe, Mauro Icardi, Edinson Cavani and many others were present at the party


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