PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi Criticizes UEFA, Blasts Barcelona


    Paris Saint-Germain President Naseer Al-Khelaifi has blasted Barcelona for its spending in the transfer window and given a hint that UEFA will begin to take steps to investigate the Spanish giant.

    Barcelona have been subjected to scrutiny after President Joan Laporta did everything possible to leave Barcelona out of debt and also make sure they spent a lot in the transfer market.

    His actions include selling Barcelona TV rights, Twenty-five per cent of Barca’s future TV rights income were sold to Sixth Street for €517m (£438m), while Orpheus Media bought 24.5 per cent of the club’s media company. 

    PSG President in a press conference

    Barcelona pleading with the highest earners in the club to take salary cuts, and signing a lucrative deal with Spotify and a large amount of their digital content arm to investment funds and even a crypto firm.

    Barcelona spent a whopping €137 million on new players this season. With their rivals getting angry about their success in the transfer window.

    Barcelona managed to register the players they wanted to without breaking any La Liga rules.

    UEFA’s Executive Committee chairman, Mr. Naseer Al-Khelaifi, has recommended Barcelona for probing and would love it if UEFA made it very quick.

    PSG President Naseer Al-Khelaifi putting on a smile

    The PSG President said, “If they allow them, others will do the same. Of course, UEFA has its own [financial] regulations.For sure, they’re going to look at everything. “

    Barcelona has failed to comment on Al Khelaifi statement but UEFA responded by saying all the clubs in the UEFA Competition with be monitored.

    The president of LaLiga Santander, Javier Tebas, responded to Nasser Al Khelaifi statement on Barcelona on social media.

    Naseer Al-Khelaifi
    Joan Laporta making announcement to the public

    He said ”No magic exists. Barcelona has partially liquidated its assets to make up for its losses, whereas at PSG, you ‘turn on the gas. Paying what is owed must come first if football is to continue to exist.”

    The PSG President encouraged UEFA to accept other male football club competitions apart from the Champions League, Europa League and the Europa Conference League.

    He urges UEFA to create a 24 club format in 2024 to enable more exciting games.

    Naseer Al-Khelaifi
    Barcelona President in a Press Conference

    PSG was listed under the clubs that violated UEFA financial play and are expected to pay a serious penalty.

    PSG also spent heavily this season as they look forward to winning the Champions League for the first time in their history.

    What Happen Next For Barcelona After Selling Their TV Rights

    The manager, Xavi Hernandez, is under pressure now because he has access to the best players in the world.

    Barcelona has had a strong start to the year and needs to maintain this form through the remainder of the campaign to take home a trophy.

    Barcelona has been predicted to take home the silverware. Laporta will be brutal in his management-firing tactics. Now it’s up to Xavi to restore Barcelona to its former glory.


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