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PSG could sell Lionel Messi and Neymar to MLS this summer

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The sale of Lionel Messi or Neymar by Paris Saint-Germain is not thrown out this summer, with the MLS becoming considered a likely target for both strikers if they depart the Parc des Princes.

As per sources in France, the club’s Qatari owners are still considering the squad’s future in the light of the Champions League humiliation to Real Madrid.

As PSG’s hunt for their first-ever European Cup persists, Mauricio Pochettino’s fate is in peril as a consequence of the disaster.

PSG must, nonetheless, make preparations ahead and thoroughly evaluate their future with Kylian Mbappe likely to leave for Real Madrid.

PSG want to see achievement on the field if they are going to have to keep throwing so much cash on the team.

According to L’Equipe, neither Messi nor Neymar is assured to stay further than this summer, and the MLS is perhaps the most possible target for either player if they leave PSG.

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Messi will be 35 this summer and will have only one year left on his PSG deal.

Moreover, Neymar’s current contract has three years left on it, so he won’t be moving anytime soon.

Neymar has initially expressed his desire to return to the MLS after his time with PSG, passing up the opportunity to pledge to make a comeback to Brazil.

Recently, Neymar, in an interview said “I don’t know, I have some doubts about that. I don’t know if I’ll play in Brazil again. I’d love to play in the U.S. actually. I’d love to play there at least for a season”

MLS commissioner, Don Garber, has recently cautioned the South American players that the league is not a retirement home for them.

Garber said “Anybody could sign Messi today and pay him what they want to pay him as a designated player, should Lionel decide that he wants to play Major League Soccer and that’s the same for Neymar or any other player. We want our story to be about young players who are coming here at the earliest stages in their career or in the prime of their careers”

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