Premier League Referees: How much do they earn?


Premier League Referees: Ever wonder how much money there is in football overall outside of the typical footballers? As athletes make millions per month, the officiating staff does not.

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It’s only fair that referees receive some reimbursement for their hardships in overseeing football games because they endure more than their fair share of criticism.

Referees have one of the hardest jobs in football since they are constantly under fire from players and managers for their selections, and VAR hasn’t made things any easier.

Here is the pay for referees in the Premier League and other countries.

How much money do amateur referees make?

Amateur refereeing might be for you if you’re looking for a Saturday morning side gig, provided you have a thick enough skin to put up with overbearing parents or hungover bald men screaming at you for an hour and a half.

In the UK, amateur referees are compensated for each game, with the local football organization often setting the rate.

It normally costs around $25.

How much money do Premier League referees make?

The best Premier League referees are located at the other end of the pyramid. Along with a regular wage, they also get match costs.

Their annual retainer is roughly £40,000, though the amount also depends on the referee’s level of experience. They are then paid £1,150 for each game, for a potential annual salary of £70,000.


Although match fees in the Championship are only £600 per game, referees receive the same yearly retainer.

Premier League Select Group 1 referees for 2022–2023

  • Stuart Attwell
  • Peter Bankes
  • Tom Bramall
  • John Brooks
  • David Coote
  • Darren England
  • Jarred Gillett
  • Tony Harrington
  • Simon Hooper
  • Rob Jones
  • Chris Kavanagh
  • Andy Madley
  • Andre Marriner
  • Michael Oliver
  • Craig Pawson
  • Michael Salisbury
  • Graham Scott
  • Anthony Taylor
  • Paul Tierney

How much do the best referees in Europe get paid?

Referees are often paid per game throughout Europe. La Liga in Spain pays £5,200 per game, making it the most generous league in that sense. Germany and Italy pay about $3,000 each.

How much are Premier League referees paid? | US

Referees in Ligue 1 receive £2,400 per match in France, but only £1,000 in Portugal.

What are the referee salaries in the Champions League?

According to their level of experience, Champions League referees are compensated per match.

Referees in the bottom tier are paid £700 every game, while Elite Development officials are paid £3,800 per game.

Who is the Premier League’s top referee?

Michael Oliver 8/10, according to Hackett, “He has demonstrated a high level of decision-making precision this season and has been nominated by FIFA for the 2022 World Cup. This is the reason he has been appointed as a referee 15 times as of Week 20 of the Premier League season.


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