Premier League Maintains Its Spot in Latest UEFA Ranking Based On Five Seasons Coefficient


UEFA has released the latest league ranking with a five-year coefficient, and the English Premier League remains at the top of the ranking.

The ranking is based on how some teams have performed over the last five seasons and how they have fared in European competitions. 

These are the top ten teams in the UEFA Ranking:

1. England

Based on UEFA coefficient, the English Premier League has the highest coefficient in the world with 106,998. In the last four seasons, the Premier League coefficient has always been high. 

Seven different Premier League clubs often participate in the different European club competitions.

Currently, there are four Premier League teams still participating in European competitions. Chelsea and Manchester City in the Champions League; Manchester United in the Europa League; and West Ham in the Europa Conference League.

2. Spain

La Liga is second on the UEFA ranking; in previous seasons, they have always dominated UEFA competitions and won more trophies. It has a coefficient of 91,284.

UEFA rankings

Out of the seven football clubs that started the 2022–23 UEFA competitions, only two are remaining (Real Madrid in the Champions League and Sevilla in the Europa League).

3. Germany

The Bundesliga has a total coefficient from the five past seasons to be 81,856.               Out of the eight teams that competed, they are only left with two.

These are Bayern Munich in the Champions League and Bayern Leverkusen in the Europa League.

4. Italy

The Serie A has a coefficient of 78,354 over the past five seasons. It is one of the most competitive leagues in the past five seasons.

When you look at the Serie A team, they have six out of the seven teams that are currently participating in UEFA competitions.

Napoli, Inter Milan, and AC Milan are in the Champions League. Juventus and AS Roma are currently playing in the Europa League quarterfinals.

Fiorentina are also in the Europa Conference League.

5. France 

The Ligue 1 comes in fifth place using the last five seasons’ parameters, with a total coefficient of 61,164.

There is only one team left in the competition, and that is OGC Nice, who played to a 2-2 draw in their last Europa League match.

UEFA rankings

6. Netherlands 

The Eredivisie is in sixth place with a five-season coefficient of 59,300. The league has just two teams left competing in UEFA competitions.

Feyenoord are in the Europa League and AZ Alkmaar are in the Europa Conference League.

7. Portugal 

The league has been getting special recognition from UEFA with a five-year total coefficient of 55,882. They have two Portuguese teams competing in the UEFA competitions.

The first are Benfica in the Champions League and Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League.

8. Belgium 

The Belgian Pro League has a five-season coefficient of 42,200. The league is one of the most watched in Europe because of the number of clubs qualifying for UEFA competitions

UEFA rankings

It has three different clubs in the UEFA competition: Anderlecht, Gent, and Royale Union Saint-Gilloise.

In addition, these three teams are representing the Belgium League exceptionally.

9. Scotland 

Scottish Premiership is one of the most attractive leagues in the world, and it currently ranks in 9th place using the five-season coefficient ranking.

The Scottish Premiership has no single team competing in the UEFA competitions currently.

10. Austria 

The Austrian Football Bundesliga is the tenth-placed team in UEFA competitions with a five-year total coefficient of 34,000. However, it has no team competing in the UEFA competitions currently.


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