Portugal Players Questions Why Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manager Joins The Team’s World Cup Entourage


    Portugal players have reportedly questioned why Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal manager is part of the team’s World Cup entourage.

    Rigufe joins Portugal’s World Cup entourage with Ronaldo’s influence.

    Ronaldo has recently been at the center of controversies in Portugal’s World Cup Squad. His friction with the team has reportedly grown even more tense, with his teammates reportedly questioning why his personal manager – Ricky Regufe – has formed part of their entourage at the World Cup.

    The five times Ballo d’Or winner sulked in Portugal’s 2-1 loss to South Korea, walked off the pitch in a 6-1 win over Switzerland, threatened to quit the team after being benched Vs Switzerland, and refused to train with substitutes.

    Portugal’s manager dodged questions when he was asked whether he would start the five times Ballon d’Or winner Vs. Morocco.


    Dos Santos said he had a good relationship with Ronaldo since he was 19, but at some points, he had to put the team first.

    Despite Ronaldo’s recent flaw and unpopularity among Portuguese fans, Dos Santos has reiterated his importance for the squad. However, it is still unclear whether he will start against Morocco in the quarterfinal.

    While the Portugal FA is trying to project the image of unity in the squad ahead of the crucial tie against Morocco, Portugal World Cup has shown symptoms of a glaring discord in the team, with another explosive report emerging about a growing beef and discord in the Portugal World Cup squad after what appeared to be preferential treatment of the highly-rated forward.

    Reports from Portugal claim that the team is growing uneasy about the presence of Regufe, who is believed to have ‘excessive influence’ after becoming Ronaldo’s manager in 2018.

    A number of players ‘do not understand the reason’ for him joining up with the squad, with Regufe said to be sharing spaces designated for players, with some questioning why he is always in close proximity with the team – including during match-days.

    The team is also said to be frustrated ‘because no other players have been permitted to take guests with them to Portugal’s World Cup camp’.

    Who is Regufe?

    Regufe is Ronaldo’s personal manager whose involvement with Portugal World Cup squad have caused an uproar in the team.

    He was formerly a leading marketing manager for Nike, with close ties to the former Manchester United forward. Through him, Cristiano Ronaldo has formed close ties with Nike and will reportedly sign a boot deal with the renowned sportswear brand.

    Regufe helped broker the meeting that saw Ronaldo bag a deal with Nike in Sporting Lisbon in 2003 and is the striker’s top right-hand man.


    Regufe is often pictured at dinner parties, luxury holidays and awards ceremonies with the iconic footballer.

    Notably he was seen pitchside at the Euro 2016 – which Portugal won against France – as he embraced Ronaldo on the turf after the team secured the trophy.

    Portugal faces Morocco in the quarterfinal, with hopes the row within the squad will not affect the team’s chances.

    Meanwhile, Ronaldo and Portugal FA have denied all reports of discord and row in the team, emphasizing the team is strongly united and together.


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