Police Officers Badly Injured as West Ham and Anderlecht Fans Clashed (Video)

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Another riot chapter between football fans was opened as West Ham United defeated Anderlecht 2-1 in their European League clash on Thursday, October 13, 2022.

Security officers were badly injured as football fans ripped up their chairs, tossed missiles, and hurled flares to turn West Ham’s clash with Anderlecht into violence.

West Ham v Anderlecht
West Ham and Anderlecht fans clashed

Many police officers were reportedly injured in their attempt to separate rival sections of supporters in riot scenes near the end of the Hammers’ 2-1 Europa Conference League win against rivals Anderlecht.

One riot officer was hit over the head with a chair while another officer suffered arm damage from angry Anderlecht supporters.

Stewards struggled to cool things down in the last 10 minutes of the game before armored police were called to curb the riot.

West Ham v Anderlecht
Invader fan grappled to the ground.

One of the visiting supporters was grappled to the ground in front of Hammers’ goalkeeper Alphonse Areola, while another tossed the ball away from the stunned West Ham goalie.

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How The Riot Happened

West Ham won the match with two early goals from Said Benrahma and Jarrod Bowen, but the victory was overwhelmed by the violent scenes in the stands.

The visiting fans happened to become extremely wild after a penalty awarded to them was converted in the stoppage minutes of the match.

The chaos is believed to have started with furious Anderlecht supporters, who ripped out their chairs to be used as missiles during the match.

West Ham v Anderlecht
Fans throwing flames around the stand

Flares were seen flying on the pitch among the visiting fans, and the match was briefly stopped after an invader took the ball from West Ham goalkeeper Alphonse Areola, and some flames were thrown from one stand to another.

Police officers were forced to hurriedly step into the rioting fans’ stands at the London Stadium to halt the violence that broke out and rows of anti-riot officers were spotted standing between rival fans as they quarreled in the stands.

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Anderlecht’s supporters were then kept behind after the match ended, to prevent further clashes outside the London stadium.

Anderlecht later apologized for the crises their fans invoked. The Belgian club condemned the violence perpetrated by their fans in London and apologized to West Ham.

The club’s spokesperson said: ‘We do not tolerate that behavior in our stadium or away and we will take it up with the fans and UEFA. We apologize to West Ham.”

Pandemonium cases between football fans appeared to have become a new craze as more than five horrible and fatal violent cases have been recorded so far since this season began.

Anderlecht condemned the riot that happened between their fans and the London supporters and also apologized to the Hammers, but that alone wouldn’t help.

The matter has exceeded mere apology and the rival clubs are likely to be penalized as UEFA is set to launch a thorough investigation into the riot.

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