Pogba Explained the Reason he Hired a Witch Doctor, Claimed it was not to Harm Mbappe


    French national and Juventus midfielder, Paul Pogba has admitted that he truly hired a witch doctor.

    The 29-year-old former Manchester United star’s confession occurred after his brother, Mathias, confessed that a sorcerer, known as ‘The Marabout’ who also calls himself ‘Ibrahim the Great’ was paid by Pogba to cast evil spells on Kylian Mbappé.

    Mathias claimed to have recorded a video showing his brother Pogba speaking to the Marabout who charges as much as €100 (£88) an hour for his services.

    Pogba’s brother Mathias made his revelation

    However, the 29-year-old French International midfielder admitted he paid Marabout to render some spiritual aids and help him with his injuries but “it was not to harm anyone”.

    Upon his arrival at Juventus on July 11, 2022, the 29-year-old Juventus new signing injured his meniscus on the 26th of July and will be sidelined for two months. Even his availability for national duty in the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November isn’t certain.

    Pogba’s injury issue

    Therefore, Pogba has vehemently denied the claim that he paid the sorcerer to hurt Mbappe and claimed he never intended to harm his French teammate.

    The 29-year-old former Red Devils midfielder, Paul Pogba explained to the investigators working under France’s Central Office for the Fight against Organised Crime (OCLCO) that he was “looking to be protected against injury” and “also to help poor kids in Africa” he was in connection with through an aid organization.

    Meanwhile, Mbappé has publicly portrayed Paul Pogba as ‘a friend’ and implied that he is not extremely concerned by what is being said as bitterness is smoldering across the French squad.

    Mbappe denounced Mathias claim

    However, the 29-year-old French national team midfielder’s case is in the hands of two judges.

    The Paris prosecutor’s office has unfolded a judicial inquiry into the extortion the famous ex-United star player claims he is suffering at the hands of some of his family members, his childhood friends, and some unknown criminals.

    Paul Pogba said he is confident that his older brother Mathias is being coerced to behave and act wild as he is under the pressure of some gangsters who threatened to harm him.

    According to Franceinfo report, in recent times Paul Pogba has changed his phone number twice just to escape the humiliation of his extortionists, but to no avail.

    The 29-year-old French national midfielder eventually paid 98,915 euros out of the 13 million euros demanded from him by his extortionists.

    According to The French press report, the gunmen first requested 13 million euros and later demanded an instantaneous payment of 3 million euros.

    Whereas Pogba was unable to withdraw the whole three million from his bank account but he ended up paying the gang 98,915 euros.

    Meanwhile, it was revealed that among the gang that extorted him, Pogba identified his childhood friends from his neighborhood and assumed to the police that his brother, Mathias was also among the alleged conspirators who dubbed him.

    While being questioned by the Paris police, the current Juventus player said he had a very intimate relationship with his childhood pals and he had attempted to help them in their financial hardships.

    However, Paul Pogba explained that his friends cum conspirators turned against him when he had to evict one of them from his Manchester home.

    The 29-year-old French professional footballer discovered that the friend he evicted from his home had spent 198,000 euros on one of his credit cards which was oblivious to him.

    Presently, five suspects including Mathias and Pogba’s friends have been charged with trying to blackmail the former United midfielder out of more than £11 million.

    They are now on remand and facing up to 20 years each in prison over a range of charges including “extortion in an organized gang”.


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