Piers Morgan Believes Cristiano Ronaldo Will Help Arsenal To Win Premier League Title While Rio Ferdinand Slams The Portuguese


    Piers Morgan believes that signing Cristiano Ronaldo is “exactly” what Arsenal needs to defeat Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

    Piers Morgan Believes Cristiano Ronaldo Will Shoot Arsenal To Premier League Tittle While Rio Ferdinand Slams The Portuguese

    The Manchester United star gave the TV host an explosive tell-all interview, with the first clips airing on Sunday night. Ronaldo accused Manchester United of “betraying” him and criticized manager Erik ten Hag, adding that he doesn’t “respect” the Dutchman.

    As the World Cup draws near, the table-topping Gunners are five points clear of City. Morgan, a personal friend of the Portuguese, advised Arsenal to take advantage of the situation and sign the 37-year-old forward in January to help their title chances.

    On Monday, an Irish TV host commented on Twitter: ‘Presumably Piers Morgan is hoping Arsenal sign Ronaldo and play him up top in every game.’

    Piers Morgan responded: ‘Yes, actually. He’s exactly what we need.. @Cristiano & @gabrieljesus9 would take us to the title.’ The tweet, which was published at 11 p.m. on Sunday, has already gotten 15,000 likes.

    Morgan has also spoken openly about his closed friendship with Ronaldo, which allowed him to land the very contentious interview.

    He stated to The Sun: ‘I first interviewed Cristiano three years ago in Turin and we ended up having a four-hour dinner. Since then, we’ve become very unlikely but very good friends. We text and speak a lot, and he has always been incredibly honest with me.’

    Ronaldo’s incredible attack appears to have put an end to his time at Old Trafford. He claimed that executives at United and Ten Hag were attempting to get him to leave the team, saying of Ten Hag: ‘I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me.’

    ‘Some people, they don’t want me here – not only the coach but the other two or three guys. Not only this year, but last year too. Honestly, I shouldn’t say that. But listen, I don’t care. People should listen to the truth. Yes, I feel betrayed.’

    Ronaldo was ill on Sunday, which prevented him from playing in United’s final match before the World Cup. Ten Hag, however, will be incensed that the 37-year-old veteran’s remarks have overshadowed the 2-1 victory at Fulham and Alejandro Garnacho’s injury-time goal.

    After Ronaldo was dropped and punished for refusing to enter the game as a substitute against Tottenham last month and then leaving before the end of the game, the United manager believed he had reconciled their issues.

    After making amends, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was reinstated to the team and even appointed team captain against Aston Villa last week.

    His teammates reportedly found his words on Sunday night to be very disappointing and saw it as an attempt to pressure the club to allow him leave Old Trafford, which they now consider as inevitable.

    Piers Morgan Believes Cristiano Ronaldo Will Shoot Arsenal To Premier League Tittle While Rio Ferdinand Slams The Portuguese

    Ronaldo used the club’s issues with Ralf Rangnick’s appointment as temporary manager last season as an example of the regression at the club in the scathing interview.

    ‘I’d never even heard of him. If you’re not even a coach, how are you going to be the boss of Man United”, Ronaldo wondered.

    Additionally, he made fun of his former teammate Wayne Rooney by saying:  ‘I don’t know why he criticises me so badly, probably because he finished his career and I’m still playing at high level. 

    ‘I’m not going to say I’m looking better than him, which is true!’

    Rio Ferdinand Slams Cristiano Ronaldo

    Rio Ferdinand has acknowledged that he is unable to defend Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarks that there is “no way back” for the enigmatic Manchester United player at the club in his devastating interview with Piers Morgan.

    In his unapproved interview with Morgan, Ronaldo created controversy by saying he felt “betrayed” by United and admitting he had “no regard” for manager Erik ten Hag.

    The former United defender claimed the interview was a part of Ronaldo’s attempt to leave the club after being criticized by fellow commentator Jamie Carragher for saying he was “in the 1%” of people who would support his conduct.

    ‘You can’t sit here and defend that from Cristiano Ronaldo,’ Ferdinand said on his ‘Vibe with Five’ podcast.

    ‘Deep down and I know it for a fact, this has all been manufactured for one thing – and that’s for him to leave the club.’

    ‘This love affair with Man United that Cristiano has had is over in my eyes. I don’t feel there’s anyway back, I don’t feel the club will take him back and I don’t think that he wants to come back. This is all manufactured for that reason.

    ‘Up to this interview I would defend him, and say the club have a big responsibility to communicate better.’

    Carragher was aware of Ferdinand’s refusal to publicly criticize the Portuguese star despite his actions in recent months when he tweeted his response to the explosive interview on Monday. Ferdinand assisted Ronaldo in securing his sensational return to Old Trafford last year and was instrumental in that move.


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