Philippe Coutinho has been in love with his wife, Aine for over 15 years

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Aston Villa loanee Philippe Coutinho has confirmed that he has been in a relationship with his wife, Aine Coutinho for over 15 years. The 29-year-old Brazilian winger took to his Instagram page to reveal this with a video.

In the video Philippe Coutinho used to celebrate his 15 years relationship with Aine, the footballer and his wife were seen in black dresses walking away from the Effie Tower in Paris, France.

Coutinho and Aine held their hands while they walked off the beautiful towel at night with the music of an Italian-French singer Carla Bruni titled Quelqu’un m’a dit playing in the background.

In the caption, Coutinho wrote: “15 years together my love. I love everything we live together. I LOVE YOU and the more time passes I fall in love more and more. Today we turn 15 but may it be a lifetime by your side.”

What is the history of the relationship between Philippe Coutinho and Aine?

Philippe Coutinho and his wife Glam Aine when they were just teenagers.

When Philippe Coutinho was just 14-year-old, he went to a friend’s party in Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro, his place of birth in 2007. When he got to the party, his friend introduced him to a 13-year-old Glam Aine.

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Even though they were just children, they knew what it meant to have someone to call a lover. Hence, they started dating almost immediately.

Since then, there has not been any turning back. Reports claimed that when Philippe Coutinho was still trying to establish himself as a professional footballer, he and his lover stayed together in his mum Esmerelda and dad Jose’s house in Brazil.

Philippe Coutinho and his wife Glam Aine.

A year after they started their relationship, Philippe Coutinho joined Inter Milan but remained at Vaso de Gama for two more seasons because of his age.

Coutinho returned to Inter Milan in 2010 and Aine had to stop her education to unite with the Brazilian football star in Italy.

When the footballer went on loan at Espanyol in 2012, reports claimed that the two lovers had to stay apart for a couple of months before they reunited again. Coutinho and Aine got married that same year.

Since then, in any city the Brazilian footballer plays, Aine always goes with her husband. The marriage is currently blessed with three children – Jose Coutinho, Maria Coutinho, Esmeralda Coutinho.

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Philippe Coutinho, his wife, Aine, and their three children - Jose Coutinho, Maria Coutinho, Esmeralda Coutinho.
Philippe Coutinho, his wife, Aine, and their three children – Jose Coutinho, Maria Coutinho, Esmeralda Coutinho.

“She asked me to be her boyfriend. There wasn’t really a moment where we were like, ‘OK we are together now”, Philippe Coutinho was once quoted as saying about his wife Aine.

“We’re from the same neighborhood and so we just started seeing more and more of each other, going places together and it grew deeper and stronger.”

Philippe Coutinho’s stats for 2021-2022 season

Philippe Coutinho in the colors of Aston Villa.
Philippe Coutinho in the colors of Aston Villa.

Philippe Coutinho left FC Barcelona for Aston Villa on loan on January 7, 2022. Since he arrived at the Premier League club, the Brazilian striker has scored four goals and provided three assists in 8 games.

Due to his prolific form at Aston Villa, there have been a series of speculations that the Premier League side is considering a permanent deal for the 29-year-old forward.

But before Aston Villa can do, they must pay FC Barcelona €40 million which is the asking price of the Spanish club.

Also, before the Premier League club can give Coutinho a permanent deal, the Brazilian footballer must accept a pay cut. The Brazilian striker is earning £187,291 per week from Barca according to reports.

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