Pep Guardiola believes it will be difficult to eradicate racism in football


    Manchester City head coach, Pep Guardiola worries racism will never stop to exist in football. Still, he says players, clubs, managers, authorities, etc must keep fighting the situation.

    A recent report on racism is Antonio Rudiger’s experience during Chelsea 2-0 Premier League victory at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday.

    The centre-back whispered to his captain, Cesar Azpilicueta who called the officials’ attention to the incident with the claim that he was abused.

    Similar occurrence went down with in Serie A. Inter striker, Romelu Lukaku faced with Cagliari fans at Sardegna Arena referring to him as ”Black Monkey” while preparing to take a penalty.

    Also, former Juventus striker Moise Kean was racially abused when he played against the same club last season, as well as Blaise Matuidi the year before.

    A City fan was arrested after he was spotted racially abusing Manchester United players this month. With the evolution of racism in the football world, it might get out of control if a permanent resolution is not done.

    Though, Guardiola fears if eradicating the issue out in football or society, in general, will ever be easy. But insists on fighting it every day till it reduces. 

    The former Barcelona head coach says ”I don’t think so. We have to fight but it will take time, a lot of time, to eradicate it,” 

    “I think it was a problem which has happened for decades, centuries. But now it’s visualised more because the media is more up front and close to the problem.

    “I think it’s happened a long time, we just have to fight again and again. The little kids, in the schools, on the streets.” he ended.

    The issue of racism is getting out of hand on a daily basis and proper measures should be taken.


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