Paul Pogba, Wife Maria Zulay, Son Labile Shakur enjoying life


    Paul Pogba, his wife, Maria Zulay, and their son Labile Shakur were recently seen having good family time in their mansion in Manchester.

    The 27-year-old France international shared a video of himself drinking fruit juice from a glass cup while filming himself and dancing to a song that was not audible to his followers.

    As Pogba was doing that, his wife could be seen shaking his body to the same song the Manchester United midfielder was dancing to. Their son, Labile Shakur, could be seen in the background playing and partaking in the fun.

    As all these funfairs were going on, a man could be seen from afar in an environment that looks like a kitchen. Based on what could be deduced from the video Paul Pogba shared on Instagram, the man seemed to be preparing a meal for the Manchester United‘s football star and his family.

    Paul Pogba, his wife, Maria Zulay, and their son Labile Shakur are a perfect family chain

    Paul Pogba, his wife, Maria Zulay, and their son Labile Shakur.
    Paul Pogba, his wife, Maria Zulay, and their son Labile Shakur.

    The beautiful family Paul Pogba enjoys flaunting on Instagram started around 2017 when Manchester United‘s star met Maria Zulay Salaues and started dating each other.

    Most reports have been speculating that Paul Pogba met Maria in Los Angeles, the United States where she was working as a model. They both clicked and agreed to start dating.

    Though it was not known when they officially got married, there have been reports that the footballer has proposed marriage to the model with a diamond ring which she flaunted on social media in 2019. Months after, Maria closed her Instagram account and reactivated it with the name “Maria Zulay Pogba Salaues” which implied that the Bolivian model and Pogba are officially married.

    They welcomed their first and only child on 5th January 2019 and named him Labile Shakur. Pogba and Maria initially tried to keep the boy out of public eyes but later had no choice but to start flaunting him on social media.

    Since then, the beautiful family has been living happily in the city of Manchester where Pogba has continued to be a prominent figure in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s squad.

    Recent reports which could make the Manchester United’s star and his family so excited is that the contract of the France international with Manchester United which ought to expire in June 2021, has been extended to 2022. With this, more fun videos could surface on social media from the family soonest.


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