Paul Pogba Prepares His Defense Against Doping Allegations With Shock Move…Can He Escape Ban? [Details]


    Paul Pogba has made a shock move as he prepares to defend himself against doping allegations by Italian anti-doping authorities.

    Pogba’s football career is currently on the knife edge as he faces a possible career blackout if he is found guilty of the said offense.

    Paul Pogba

    Pogba tested positive for testosterone on August 20. His counter-analysis test also turned out positive.

    He is expected to be docked in the next week’s for doping allegations and is facing a possible career ban that could span four years.

    Such ban will definitely deal a final blow to his already crumbling career that has been marred with injuries and controversies.

    While awaiting his prosecution by Italy anti-doping agency, Pogba is reportedly bracing up to defend himself against the allegations.

    Italian media outlets reports the former Manchester United midfielder has ordered a comprehensive test of all his supplements and cream, including every digestibles and usable substances to ascertain whether they contained banned substances.

    The move is said to be part of his attempt to deny any wrongdoing. He has already stated that he took supplement and did not know that it contained the banned substance.

    Can Pogba escape ban after Doping allegations?

    It is possible that Paul Pogba could escape a ban after his doping allegations. However, it is also possible that he could be banned for up to four years.

    The outcome of Pogba’s case will depend on a number of factors, including the results of his B sample test, the evidence presented by the prosecution, and the arguments made by Pogba’s defense team.

    If Pogba’s B sample test is positive, it will be very difficult for him to escape a ban. However, if the B sample test is negative, Pogba will have a stronger case.

    The prosecution will need to present evidence to show that Pogba knowingly took a banned substance. If the prosecution cannot prove this, Pogba may be able to escape a ban.

    Pogba’s defense team will argue that he did not knowingly take a banned substance. They may also argue that the substance found in Pogba’s sample was not performance-enhancing or that it was taken for a legitimate medical reason.

    The final decision on whether or not to ban Pogba will be made by an independent tribunal. The tribunal will consider all of the evidence presented and make a decision based on the balance of probabilities.

    Overall, it is too early to say for sure whether or not Pogba will be banned. However, it is clear that he faces a serious challenge.


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