Patrick Vieira of Crystal Palace will not be punished for kicking an Everton fan


The English Football Association and the Merseyside police will not take further action against Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira who kicked an Everton fan recently.

Recall that on May 19, 2022, Crystal Palace visited Goodison Park to play their 37th league game of the season which was against Everton. The game was a must-win for Everton who was battling to escape relegation.

Note that ahead of the Premier League game, coach Frank Lampard and his boys needed a win to guarantee their safety. But Everton started the game woefully by conceding two goals in the first 36 minutes.

Fortunately for coach Frank Lampard and Everton’s fans who stood by the club even when they were losing, Everton players scored three goals in less than 40 minutes in the second half to beat Crystal Palace 3-2. The victory was enough to help Everton escape relegation.

Patrick Vieira of Crystal Palace will not be punished for kicking an Everton fan
Coach Patrick Vieira of Crystal Palace.

Due to the joy of escaping relegation in such a dramatic manner, most of the fans in Goodison Park stormed the pitch to celebrate with the players even though the fans were not supposed to invade the pitch no matter the circumstance.

Unfortunately, Patrick Vieira who was trying to make his way to the away team’s restroom which was on the other side of the stadium was caught up in the middle of the chaos. To make matters worst for him, an Everton fan approached him pointing his hands into the face of the French tactician.

The Arsenal legend was not able to control his temper and had to kick the fan. He wanted to go further with the fan before other fans arrived to attack him. Before things could turn more terrible, some men came to the coach’s rescue. He was then escorted away from the chaos.

Afterward, the Merseyside police and the English FA launched an investigation into the incident. Earlier in the week, the police announced that the police had spoken to both Patrick Vieira and the fan, but they both refused to take further legal action against each other.

A statement from the Merseyside police read: “We worked with Everton FC to gather all available CCTV footage and spoke to witnesses.

“Officers have spoken to both men involved and the opportunity to make a formal complaint or support a prosecution was declined.”

The English FA also said no further action will be taken against Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira even though video evidence showed that the French coach attacked the Everton fan for allegedly making jest of him.

However, the English FA will continue to investigate the pitch invasion of Everton fans which could lead to heavy sanctions against the Premier League club ahead of the 2022-2023 season.


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