Patrice Evra Breaks Silence After Being Convicted Of Homophobic Abuse

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Former Juventus and Manchester United star Patrice Evra has finally broken his long-held silence after he was convicted for homophobic abuse.

A footage had emerged of Patrice Evra using discriminatory slurs in 2019 after Manchester United defeated Paris-Saint Germain in the Champions League.

Patrice Evra
Patrice Evra had posted a video spewing homophobic slurs on PSG players in 2019

The legendary France international sparked reactions after he aimed a cheeky dig at PSG players after the shock Champions League win in France.

In the video, he labeled PSG players as “queers,” adding “it is men who talk.”

The video caused outrage in France and led to two anti-hate organisations, Mousse and Stop Homophobia, to make a formal complaint.

Earlier this month, Patrice Evra was convicted and slammed with a £890 fine. He was also ordered to pay £1780 to campaign groups.

Following his conviction, Patrice Evra has finally admitted wrongdoing for using vulgar language against PSG players and insulting the collective sensibilities of the French people.

The 41-year-old, who appeared expressly remorseful, said people should not associate him with his statements. Speaking with the The Times, Patrice Evra said the homophobic slurs which he spew out in 2019 did not represent him.

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He attributed the rant to his undeveloped and infant mind that was struggling to stitch realities together and make sense of them, sublimely making unfounded claims sometimes for the fun of it.

Patrice Evra said he did not actually meant what he said and had use the vulgar term because he thought it was normal while growing up.

“Yes, I used vulgar language because when I was growing up this was normal. It makes me think I have so much to learn but I will keep learning”, he said.

Speaking on the security operatives, Patrice Evra said even the Police took the rant as laughable, and were not ready to pursue the case because they knew he did not meant them.

“The police were laughing because they know I didn’t use the words [to be offensive]. They say we don’t have to pursue the case because we know who Patrice is”, he added.

“It was a private message, I used words that were used when I was a kid. It was the way I grew up.

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“I used words that were used when I was a kid. It was the way I grew up. The problem is you have to adapt. It is a new world. I apologised straight away because I could see I offended people.

On attempts to have him tracked down after the homophobic rant, the former West Ham player insist the battle was being waged with the wrong target.

According to him, throughout his life, he has learned to accept people the way they are and have abhorred incidents of discrimination.

“For four years they fight but they are picking the battle with the wrong guy if you see what I have done all my life, which is to accept everyone for who they are.

“It’s painful because it’s not who I am.

Evra admitted he has paid the fines to the two associations – Mousse and Stop Homophobia – who were offended by his comment, but still insisted he has been wrongly targeted.

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“I have to pay those two associations and I hope they are going to use the money for good things but it is not just about the money, it’s about me being in this situation when I am not that person.”

Patrice Evra

Evra is said to have grown up in Senegal, where homosexuality is illegal, before he moved to France, where he established his football career.

Patrice Evra joined Manchester United from Monaco in 2006. He played for eight years for Manchester United, making 273 appearances.

He netted 7 times for the club and had served as the captain both for the Red Devils and France national team, where he won 81 caps before calling time on his international career in 2016.

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