Onlyfans star Astrid Wett takes a swipe at Arsenal following Jorginho’s move


    Astrid Wett, an Onlyfans star, has taken a cocky swipe at the Gunners Arsenal after dropping important points in their last two Premier League games. 

    Arsenal have salvaged only a point in their last two footballing encounters, a poor run that accidentally has occurred since the arrival of former Chelsea midfielder Jorginho Frello Filho to the side. 

    Astrid Wett is a devoted fan of West London Club Chelsea and she has over three hundred and forty thousand (340,000) followers on the microbiologging app, Twitter.

    Astrid Wett
    Chelsea FC fan Astrid Wett

    Astrid Wett jibe at Jorginho and Arsenal

    She posted a tweet of herself supping a glass of wine and she captioned the tweet with: “1 draw and 1 loss for Arsenal since agent Jorginho joined that club, just saying…”

    Nevertheless, as a result of Arsenal currently sitting at the summit of the Premier League table and Chelsea roaming around mid table, fans of the Gunners decided not to be welcoming of the dig as they tried to poke back vociferously.

    Arsenal fans hit back with comments of their own

    A fan of the North London side used the seemingly outrageous amount spent by the blues in firing back his own salvo, He responded: “£600mil spent and can’t win a game?”

    Another Arsenal fan hit back nicely with the comment directly to the team of Astrid Wett:  “You lot are currently sat ninth and dropping points for fun. No where near Arsenal 😭😭🤣🤣.”

    The third fan responded: “Warra (what a) Europa league qualification for Chelsea that is😭😭.”

    It looked like fans of the Gunners were sharpening their Arsenal as a fourth comment rolled out in the comment section which was also heavy.

    The comment reads: “Didn’t you draw to bottom table west ham after spending [£]320 mil?”

    A fifth comment also went thus: “Taunting first positioned Arsenal is what I never expected from this ninth [placed] club,” 

    Wett put out the jibe on her account with over twenty thousand (20,000) followers.

    Astrid Wett put out this dig via her second account on Twitter, Although her main account has a whooping three-hundred-and-forty-two thousand (342,000) followers. 

    She has in the past been in a state of discomposure after being on the receiving end of humiliation when her attempt to kiss YouTuber cum boxer and Prime drink founder KSI was knocked back.

    Pictures of the snub from KSI on Astrid Wett

    This snub occurred in October, 2022 in a boxing bout weigh-in with Keeley Colbran at the Utility Arena in Sheffield. 

    Wett is a passionate follower of Chelsea and she never hides it across her social platforms, making her love for the West London Side very evident but this time fans of The Gunners decided they won’t let the jibe roll over them without serving their own back in pound for pound fashion. 


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