Ollie Watkins Fails to Celebrate After His Own Club, Aston Villa, Qualified For The 2024/25 Champions League


Aston Villa striker Ollie Watkins failed to celebrate with his teammates and manager Unai Emery after his club qualified for the 2024/25 Champions League.

Aston Villa secured Champions League qualification after Tottenham Hotspur failed to beat Manchester City in the Premier League.

During Aston Villa end-of-season award night, Watkins was seen looking moody without wearing a smile. As the award night was going on, Aston Villa players were keeping tab on the game between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

The club shared a picture of Unai Emery and Ollie’s teammates celebrating, but the striker appeared to be less delighted about the news of their Champions League qualification.

It was revealed that Watkins is a long-term supporter of Arsenal football club. Hence, he was unhappy that Tottenham Hotspur’s defeat to Manchester City was bad news to the Gunners.

Watkins had always talked about how he admired the No. 10 Arsenal jersey worn by Thierry Henry during the former French International playing days at the London club.

Ollie Watkins

Arsenal’s pursuit of the first Premier League title since 2003/04 season is still on, with Manchester City facing another London team, West Ham, in the last match of the season.

West Ham will have to beat Manchester City, and Arsenal should be able to defeat Sean Dyche men before the Gunners can be confirmed Champions of England.

How Aston Villa fans reacted to the moody face of Ollie Watkins after the Aston Villa Champions League qualification
A fan wrote, “This broke my heart seeing you like this.” Another fan said, “Your striker is an Arsenal fan and visibly not happy here.”

Another fan revealed an entirely different reason Watkins failed to celebrate; he said, “My man Watkins is there thinking of his Golden Boot chances vanishing.”

How old is Ollie Watkins?
The striker was born on December 30, 1995, in the city of Torquay, England. He is currently 28 years old, with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Ollie Watkins’ Family
Watkins’ father’s name is Steven Watkins, and his mother’s name is Delsi-May. Watkins’ father and mother separated while he was young, and Delsi-May took care of the Aston Villa star.

Delsi-May was a professional singer who raised Watkins and his brothers. The player has three brothers named Richie, Dale, and Jordan.

In addition, Ollie has a sister named Charlotte. Ollie’s sister is not as famous as his brother, but she is a songwriter and a singer.

The Aston Villa attacker is currently in a relationship with Ellie Anderson. Ollie is currently the father of two children. His first son is named Marley, and the daughter name is Amara.

Ollie Watkins’ Stats
The striker had made 389 appearances, scoring 145 goals and creating 60 assists in all competitions. He had received 45 yellow cards and one red card so far in his career.

Out of the 145 goals scored by the English striker, 70 were for Aston Villa, 49 for Brentford, and 26 for Exeter City.

He made his international debut for the England national team on March 25, 2021. He went on to score three goals in 11 appearances.


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