Nicolo Pirlo, Son of Andrea Pirlo Was Attacked On The Street Of Turin 


    Nicolo Pirlo, the son of Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo was attacked on the street of Turin according to footage from the video he posted on his social media page

    It was an unfortunate experience that did not go any further but that could have ended in something more serious. 

    Nicolo Pirlo, the 19 year old son of Italian legend claimed that he had a stone thrown at him by hooded people on the street of Turin. 

    Nicolo Pirlo

    It was on Thursday night that Nicolo Pirlo shared a clip of the attack on his Instagram page. 

    The video shows Nicolo’s car pulling up alongside the group, who had pulled their hoods up to hide their identities. 

    They then show one of them throwing something at him, and then the camera cuts away. 

    Nicolo Pirlo

    Is it common to discover four boys in the middle of Turin hurling stones at the car, spitting, and kicking? he asked in the video’s caption. 

    He has approximately 70,000 Instagram followers and works as a social media influencer in addition to playing football on the side. 

    While Nicolo Pirlo remains in Turin, his father, a former Juventus midfielder and coach relocated to Turkey this past summer to play for Karagümrük for a single season. 

    Nicolo Pirlo

    By the time Nicolo Pirlo turned 17 in 2021, fans who were unhappy with Andrea Pirlo’s performance as coach of Juventus had already threatened his life. 

    Some Juventus supporters have become so enraged that they are willing to resort to cruel behavior toward the son of the former head coach and ex-player. 

    Andrea Pirlo, the 43-year-old Italian football legend will take charge of Juventus as a manager in 2020-21 season. During his playing career, he spent four years in Turin with Juventus. 

    It’s doubtful that Juve fans were responsible for the attack because Pirlo is such a significant part of Juventus‘ history. 

    It’s also possible that the assailants had no idea who he was and were just looking for an easy car break in. 

    Thank goodness Nicolo was unharmed, and the law enforcers are said to be tracking down the perpetrators. 

    His father was Juve’s manager for a brief period and did well, but Juventus ended up losing the league title during his tenure. 

    One day, he may return as Juventus manager, but right now he needs to gain experience at other clubs to re-qualify. 

    When he was only 15, he signed up with the club’s academy and rumors of a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain began to circulate. 

    Nicolo Pirlo, who wears the No. 8 jersey, was born in 2003, the year his father, the legendary footballer Andrea Pirlo, won the first of his two Champions League titles. 

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