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    Neymar Jr is a Brazilian star player, he came into limelight after he signed a contract with the Spanish Giant club, Barcelona Fc in 2013 from his former club in Brazil, Santos. Neymar is considered to be one of the most skillful players in the world, he prides himself right after the likes of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    While he was in Barcelona, he had a perfect moment with the likes of Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez. Reasonably, their combination is one of the most dangerous attacks in the world of modern football. No one would have ever imagined that the bound between the three stars could experience a short life. However, trouble began when Neymar Jr began to have a battle of supremacy within himself especially against his fellow teammate, Lionel Messi. 

    The trophy was not the question for debate, what Neymar Jr wanted was personal glory, he believed his star was being overshadowed by that of Lionel Messi. What many people expected that the Brazilian star is pend for misfortune as he made plans to move out of the Spanish giant, Barcelona. However, his move to Paris Saint Germain PSG in 2017 is characterized by a lot of fortune. He completed his move with a shocking sum of £200 million  making him the most expensive player in the world.

    Despite spending so much on the player’s transfer, PSG still pays the football star a whopping sum of £537,000 on a weekly basis. Asides Messi and Ronaldo, Neymar is no doubt the next in line when it comes to earnings. Neymar might not be the richest player in the world, however, he is one of the top three highest earners in the world.

    While many may consider that Neymar’s move to PSG to seek fame and personal glory was a very wrong one from the Brazilian star. It is, however, worthy to know that even though he didn’t meet personal trophy and glory as had expected, he surely met wealth in France. 

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