Neymar To Pay £2.6m fine To Brazil For Constructing Artificial Lake Within His Mansion

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PSG star Neymar has slipped into a melee as Brazil authorities kicks over his decision to install an artificial mansion in his multi-million dollar worth mansion.

In a viral footage making the rounds, a sprawling water body could be seen gurgling out of the structure, stretching outward like a real lake from a river.

The concerns such mega projects are not devoid of environmental damages especially when it is close to rock formations and key landmarks.

Footage of Neymar’s artificial lake

Neymar took to his social media handle to showcase the exquisite and sophisticated structure to his fans featuring gurgling artificial lake.

While happily sharing the sublime accomplishment to his fans, Brazil authorities have reportedly expressed concerns about the artificial lake built on the property.

Reports from Brazil outlets revealed Brazil authorities immediately swung into action following reports the Paris Saint-Germane winger has breached environmental laws by building the artificial lake on the property.

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Such daring projects are reportedly damaging to rock formations and other critical landmarks

Mangaratiba City Hall, a Brazil environmental protection agency indicted Neymar of committing environmental crime.

On Monday, Mangaratiba issued a statement reiterating their decision to pick up the matter after it was confirmed Neymar ordered the developers to go ahead with the installation of the artificial lake in the property with his father supervising the work.

The body clearly stated, ‘Neymar Jr has breached environmental protection laws following the construction of the artificial lake in the property.’

Neymar’s father kicked as environmental agents asked him to stop the work

A £2.6m fine has been slammed on the embattled winger but that is not the end. Brazil law enforcement agencies have waded into the case.

The local attorney’s general office is set to commence investigations into the case, including environmental protection bodies, and the state civil police.

Before the fine was imposed and the case escalating into the hands of other relevant Brazil law enforcement agencies, Neymar’s father, Neymar Sr, is said to have exacerbated the faceoff when he confronted inspection officers and environmental agents who asked him to stop the construction work immediately since last month.

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Other law enforcement agencies in Brazil waded into the case as Neymar Sr defied orders asking him to stop work

Neymar’s father, Neymar Sr, reportedly remained belligerent, confronted, and clashed with the authorities while continuing to supervise the work.

Initially, the environmental agent hit him with a slightly lower fine in June. The father of the Paris Saint Germain talisman still went ahead with the wok before the authorities waded fully into the case to stop him.

Mangaratiba and other environmental agencies are worried Neymar’s planned luxury home is extremely damaging to the environment due to the artificial lake facility.

A thorough investigation of the potential damages of the artificial lake shows it will affect the formation and movement of rocks, extract and diverts water without approval, causing unneccessary damages to the environment.

As of the time of filing this report, Neymar Jr and his father are yet to comment on the development but there are reports the pair could face prosecution and the building demolished after the fine.

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