Nédra, A Professional Footballer Was Arrested After Being Caught With 100kg Of Cocaine


    Nédra, a professional footballer and his girlfriend were reportedly detained at the weekend after being discovered with 100kg of cocaine in luggage at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

    Nedra Emmanuel

    Former Martinique international Jean-Manuel Nedra, who plays for Aiglon du Lamentin in their top league, was reportedly taken into custody for trial on Sunday (January 1).

    On January 5, AFP received information from the Bobigny prosecutor’s office and a person familiar with the case.

    The pair were introduced to the investigating magistrate on Wednesday, who specifically mentioned the parquet floor of Bobigny.

    The young man was detained pending trial, but his friend was freed under court oversight.

    The athlete who is currently incarcerated has also played football for Martinique for more than ten years. When he was detained, he was on personal business.

    Nedra in action

    Nedra, 29, was placed before an investigating court with his partner released, according to local media, the French newspaper Le Parisien said.

    Nedra made his international debut for Martinique in 2012 after playing for US Marinoise, Club Colonial, and Golden Lion.

    The midfielder participated in the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup as well, starting both the victory against Nicaragua and the matches against Panama.

    Nedra’s club has subsequently released a statement on the tragedy, promising to work to safeguard kids from the dangers that come with it.

    France airport where Nédra was arrested

    Without knowing the extent of his involvement, his team declared in a statement: “We discovered that one of our players was arrested in the Roissy (area) for drug smuggling.”

    The two passengers, who were traveling from Fort-de-France, were examined by customs agents when they arrived at the Paris airport, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. “53 and 50.7 kg of cocaine were found in their bags,” she continued.

    In a brief statement to the neighborhood press, Aiglon du Lamentin remarked:
    “Let us be stronger than ever and united to continue our job of education via sport, to battle this scourge, to guard and warn our young people about the dangers, repercussions, and abuses of this environment.”

    Nedra, who is 29 years old, had previously been referred to as “one of Martinique’s most brilliant players of the 2000s.” He has irregularly played for the squad since 2012 and has made six media appearances, including one at the 2017 Gold Cup.

    Who is Jean-Emmanuel Nédra?


    Jean-Emmanuel Nédra, a professional football player for Golden Lion in the Martinique National Championship and Martinique at the international level, was born on March 11, 1993, in Le Lamentin.

    In 2012, he debuted for Martinique. He participated in the 2017 Martinique Gold Cup team.

    He started in the 3-2 loss to the United States, the win over Nicaragua, and the loss to Panama. He also came on as a substitute in the win over Nicaragua.


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