Natasha Giggs, Celebrity Ex-wife of Ryan Giggs’ Brother Rodri is Dating Haroon Headley


    Natasha Giggs who is a Big Brother star and celebrity ex-wife of Ryan Giggs’ brother Rodri is reportedly dating a hunky fireman Haroon Headley.

    Natasha Giggs

    The renowned reality TV star has always been in the news for the wrong reasons after she suddenly exploded into fame through her marriage to Rodri and her role as a media personality.

    First, Natasha sparked reactions when she slept with Ryan Giggs despite being wedded to the brother of the Manchester United legend Rodri.

    The incident which was greeted with widespread condemnation saw the TV star immediately lose support from a section of her fans for betraying her husband and taking to bed with his brother Ryan Giggs.

    Now, Natasha Giggs has pulled another media stunt although with lesser weight, but still a blunder that can be labeled scandalous.

    She is now dating a hunky fireman, Haroon Headley, who recently broke up with his wife.

    Natasha Giggs and Haroon Headley relationship

    The relationship between Natasha Giggs and Headley is now an open secret. The media influencer has reportedly moved in with Haroon after the latter walked out on his wife Nicole.

    They are now living in a three-bedroom flat in Manchester together after brushing by the wayside their past relationship voodoos.

    Natasha Giggs
    Haroon Headley

    Natasha is 40 years old and has two children with her ex-husband Rodri, and two children with another man. While Haroon Headley is five years older and has three children with his ex-wife Nicole.

    Natasha Giggs’s newfound love is coming against the backdrop of her relationship escapades, especially with footballers.

    She has bedded a string of men, especially footballers after her marriage with Rodri broke down. Sources close to the controversial mother of four disclosed she must have finally hit her match after choosing to move in with Haroon Headley.

    The source confirmed Natasha Giggs’ new man took an audacious and surprising step to walk out of his ex-wife Nicole just months ago after they have spent over 20 years in marriage and bore kids together.

    Natasha Giggs
    Natasha Giggs and Haroon Headley have moved into a three-bedroom flat in Greater Manchester

    “Haroon walked out on his wife and three kids a couple of months ago after more than 20 years of being together.” the source said.

    Meanwhile, Haroon is known to be a good self-teaser and has been whistling to himself about how he is the ladies’ choice.

    “He has always fancied himself as a bit of a ladies’ man”, a source said.

    According to reports, Haroon Headley’s marriage with Nicole began to teeter under bumps of tensions earlier in 2022.

    Sources close to the ex-couple reveal Haroon was a protagonist in the subsequent death end that spelled doom for the marriage. He will disappear from the house only to return late without the knowledge of Nicole, who always fumes at his strange overtures.

    In the middle of the tense relations between the two partners, Natasha Giggs arrived, pulled the trigger, and rip apart whatever that was remaining between the couple.

    Reports also confirmed Natasha Giggs knew Haroon Headley was married, but still forge on regardless.

    Natasha Giggs
    Ryan Giggs, his mother, and his brother Rodri

    Now, they have moved out to rent an apartment in Greater Manchester where they will live together.

    Natasha’s scandalous betrayal of Rhodri her husband was brought to light in June 2011 when she revealed eight years of a secret sexual relationship with Ryan Giggs while being married to Rodri.

    Natasha Giggs had no scruples letting the cat out of the box when she narrated how she aborted Ryan’s baby just weeks before getting married to his brother Rhodri in Las Vegas.

    Meanwhile, before the blunder, she has been dating the footie ace since 2003, before going on to tie the knot with his brother Rodri in 2010.

    Meanwhile, Ryan Giggs also shared in the scandal because he was married then, with his wife Stacey reportedly pregnant, while he cherished an affair with Natasha Giggs, who later got married to his brother Rodri.

    Natasha Giggs
    Natasha Giggs got married to Rodri, Ryan Giggs brother in 2010 in Las Vegas

    After bringing her tawdry sexual relationship to the media space, Natasha took to her heels a day before her confessions was published.
    She reportedly fled to Spain, leaving her mum to go round to tell Rhodri.

    After bearing two children for Rhodri, Natasha appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012, telling housemates: “I had a really long affair with a footballer who happened to be my brother-in-law.”

    After the nerve-rattling revelation, she started dating Mark Smith and had two more children with him. However, they split during the lockdown

    Now, she has settled with Haroon Headley, and fingers are crossed to see how long her newfound love will last. Her ex-husband revealed in 2022, how Natasha Giggs shared beds with flings of footballers.


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