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Mourinho Slams Conte Over Eriksen Remark

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Jose Mourinho has to be the most controversial manager in all of football’s history. He sure knows how to gain attention and get people talking. Of recent, the Tottenham manager  has criticised Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte for publicly discussing the transfer rumours surrounding Christian Eriksen. Mourinho, who is more of a doer than a talker felt COnte crossed certain lines and needed to be put in his place. Conte has spoken about the possibility of signing the Spurs midfielder, whose contract expires in the summer, in the January transfer window. Mourinho certainly had something to say on this. 

New reports in Italy claimed the Denmark international’s agent is currently in Milan to make a deal, but Mourinho confirmed on Friday that the Serie A side are yet to make a formal bid.  Conte, is in the process of rebuilding his club and adding new and quality players is on the top of his agenda. Conte, who on Friday signed Ashley Young, from Manchester United in a six month contract,said in the Italian press: “Eriksen? We have to go to people who have already had a career, who are at the end of their contracts.”

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Mourinho and Conte rival didn’t just start as the pair have history, having exchanged a number of barbaric insults when the Italian was in charge of Chelsea. It seems as if old wounds have now been reopened.The Portuguese says managers with “responsibilities” should not talk about players that are not yet at their club.

“I think Antonio. I think Antonio. He has said publicly,” Mourinho stayed before pausing. He continued, “I think we coaches, we should all behave in the same way in relation to transfers. I know that for you it is not the best way. But I think we should always be closed, until something really happens.”

“So when you ask me about player A, B or C, like when I was asked about three players, how can I speak about three players that are not my players? I think we should always be protective. Nothing, nothing. When I see people with responsibilities, speaking about Eriksen….I think we shouldn’t speak about players from other clubs until they become our players I think we shouldn’t speak about players from other clubs.”

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Mourinho further explained, “you ask me about Gedson [Fernandes] since the moment Gedson’s name was on the screen: goes to West Ham, goes to Tottenham. You ask me if he comes, if he doesn’t come, I told you nothing. I have nothing to say about it. I think that’s the best way. You protect everybody, you protect the clubs, you protect the player, you protect everything.”

Tottenham will travel to Vicarage Road where they will face Watford on Saturday. 

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