Mohamed Salah shares his annual Christmas family picture and the internet went wild again.

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Mohamed Salah is Muslim, yet, he celebrates Christmas every year with his wife and two daughters. Each time he posts his family Christmas picture, the internet goes wild due to his religion. Mo Salah plays for Liverpool, he lives in the United Kingdom and that means he is a bit westernized.

The Salah’s family Christmas picture generated 3.4 million likes and 111,000 comments. Most of the comments are full of hate, mostly from other Muslims who condemn Mohamed Salah for celebrating Christmas. The condemnation happens every year, and the hateful words and comments toward his family are also a yearly thing.

Also, some well-wishers and other Muslims who love celebrating Christmas are in support of Mohamed Salah sharing Christmas pictures. They encouraged him to continue to celebrate Christmas while others are busy abusing him and his family.

Here are some of the things that people are saying about it,

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Mohamed Salah’s Merry Christmas Twitter post stats.

On Twitter, Mohamed Salah’s post generated 58.5 million views, 43.7 thousand Retweets, 27.9 thousand Tweet Quotes, and 538.9 thousand likes.

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