Mikel Arteta will earn three points and a Champions League spot if Arsenal defeats Tottenham


    There is a lot on the line for Arsenal and Tottenham. Three Premier League points and local bragging rights, as well as a Champions League spot and all the advantages that come with it, Mikel Arteta, in particular, has the added benefit of vindication.

    That is what he is aiming for as he attempts to guide Arsenal back into Europe’s top club tournament, a prized prize that will be the culmination of two-and-a-half years of momentous decisions. His infamous exclusion of top earners Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng, among others, for violating his non-negotiables.

    Other senior citizens are being pushed aside to make space for his young movement. His choice to trust his tiny group, sign no new players in January, and finish the season with only two strikers was a wise one.

    During Arteta’s rollercoaster Arsenal tenure, there have been results-related storms, but he is so close to proving he was correct. I’m not sure, but I think the view will be that the Champions League vindicates everything, “he remarked.

    We simply attempt to make judgments in the best interests of the football club and the team, and to be consistent with the goals we want to achieve, how we plan to progress, and the vision we have for the club. Then, more than likely, the outcomes will determine whether you are correct or incorrect. 

    Arsenal will start with a four-point lead, relieving Arteta’s team of pressure and the desire to win. They’ll have chances to get the points they need against Newcastle and Everton. Still, there is no consideration of playing for a draw in order to keep Spurs at bay and do the job later. “We always play to win,” Arteta stated.

    Arsenal have made the most of not having to deal with the extra pressure of European competition this season, fighting their way into fourth place despite being bottom, nil, and goalless after three games. We’re in a situation that we didn’t anticipate, ‘Arteta said. Arsenal must seize this opportunity right now.

    Arsenal’s finances have taken a big hit, accentuated by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Their reputation has been tarnished, and dramatic changes on and off the pitch have resulted from their absence from the competition for the past five years. It has had significant financial and emotional ramifications for the club,” Arteta added. That is something we want to correct. ‘

    This is reinforced by the possibility that, as in the past, Arteta will utilize a long-serving staff member to send a message to his players, reinforcing the importance of what lies ahead. He can also call on technical director Edu, who was a member of the Arsenal Invincibles club that won the league at Tottenham in 2004.

    Up for grabs on Thursday night, the prize was something Arsene Wenger famously declared should now be considered the equivalent of silverware. You really cannot wait to play the game when you have the potential to reach one of your season objectives,” Arteta continued, “since this is a job, and the work you have done during the season to attempt to earn it.” It makes me really happy. It’s a game that can assist us in moving forward faster than anticipated.


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