Mikel Arteta brags about his “project” at Arsenal


    The manager of Arsenal football club, Mikel Arteta has bragged that his project at Arsenal would “bang”, noting that the club is already at such a stage even though people are yet to see it.

    Mikel Arteta took over from the former coach of Arsenal, Unai Emery on December 22, 2019, when the club was very close to the relegation zone. The 38-year-old Spanish tactician who was an assistant coach to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City was able to push Arsenal from below the top 10 to the 8th spot before the 2019-2020 season ended.

    The best part of his time at Arsenal was when he was able to secure a Europa League spot for the Gunners after leading the club to win the 2019-2020 FA Cup title.

    However, the 2020-2021 season has not been a very rosy one for Mikel Arteta and his boys. They have been recording inconsistent results, especially in the Premier League.

    Their inconsistency have pushed them down to the 10th spot on the league table with 38 points in 27 games, 12 points from 4th placed Chelsea, which means it would be extremely difficult for Arsenal to qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions League campaign.

    Arsenal’s qualification for next season’s UEFA Europa League is also in doubt because they are out of this season’s FA Cup which left them with the option of winning this season’s Europa League to guarantee them a place in Europe next season.

    The club is currently in the Europa League round of 16 and the Premier League club is scheduled to play Olympiacos later today, March 11, at 21:00. Once Arsenal win the first leg of the two-legged affair, Mikel Arteta’s attention will shift to the Premier League where Tottenham Hotspur is waiting to face the Gunners on Sunday, March 14.

    Mikel Arteta.
    Mikel Arteta.

    Mikel Arteta knows that he is condemned to find a way to ensure that Arsenal keep winning their Premier League games to climb up the ladder. Once he fails to do that, winning the Europa League title would become his only option to earn Arsenal a continental ticket.

    Despite the state of uncertainty surrounding the current set-up of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta believes that the club is heading in the right direction. Hence, ahead of Arsenal’s meeting with Olympiacos, the Spanish tactician bragged that he and his team have created a strong group.

    “I think this project is going to go ‘bang’,” the coach said. “This is where we are, but sometimes it is difficult to see the moment now but I’m sure where we are going.

    “We have created a really strong group, a really strong bond with our players, with our fans, with our staff and that is going to pay big in the future.

    “You need to win to convince anybody that you are doing a good job in the club and taking them in the right direction.

    “If you are not inside the club every day and know exactly what is going on within the club, the only way to convince anybody is to win.”


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