Mesut Ozil uses an Arsenal clip instead of a Fenerbahce clip to call for world peace as his war with the Turkish side continues


Former Arsenal attacking midfielder, Mesut Ozil took to Twitter earlier today to share a tweet in which he urged the world to embrace peace.

Though he is currently contracted to Turkish side Fenerbahce, the 33-year-old German footballer decided to use a clip from his days at Arsenal to pass his message.

In the clip, Ozil could be seen wearing an Arsenal jersey and offering Islamic prayers on the pitch before a football match during his good old days at Arsenal.

In the caption, Ozil urged his followers to keep praying for the world. The German-born attacking midfielder who has Turkey ancestry stressed that prayers for peace should not be for Ukraine alone but for warring middle east countries.

Recall that since February 24, 2022, when Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the attention of the world has been fixed on the country. Most Western countries have been showing different degrees of support to the country.

But some people think that other parts of the world that are facing crisis have not been enjoying the kind of attention Ukraine have been enjoying since Russian troops invaded the country.

In Mesut Ozil’s tweet, the attacking midfielder urged the world to pray for peace in countries like Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq as they are praying for Ukraine.

The former German international wrote: “Let’s keep praying for peace in the world 🌎🕊️ – not just in Ukraine 🇺🇦, but also in Palestine🇵🇸, Syria🇸🇾, Yemen🇾🇪, Iraq🇮🇶 and all other places in the world where people are suffering from war”.

What is going on between Mesut Ozil and Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil uses an Arsenal clip instead of a Fenerbahce clip to call for world peace as his war with the Turkish side continues
Mesut Ozil in action for Fenerbahce.

Recall that Mesut Ozil joined Fenerbahce on January 25, 2021, from Arsenal on a free transfer. He left the Premier League club after a long battle with the club and the club’s coach, Mikel Arteta due to his interests outside football.

Recall that Ozil was one of the personalities that agitated against the decriminalization of Uyghur Muslims in China which did not go down well with Arsenal and Chinese partners.

His arrival at Fenerbahce was supposed to be a relief for his career but has been having a tough time at the club in the 2021-2022 season.

Mesut Ozil wanted to play more regularly at the club but the club did not deem him fit to get as much game time as he wanted. Due to that, the attacking midfielder clashed with the management of the club.

Hence, the club had to force the attacking midfielder out of the squad even though he still has until June 30, 2024, before his contract expires.

Due to the crisis between Ozil and Fenerbahce, there are reports that the German attacking midfielder is likely to return to the Premier League. There are reports that the 33-year-old former Real Madrid midfielder could join Hull City or MLS side Inter Miami if things between him and Fenerbahce remain the way it is.

Since he joined the Turkish side in 2021, Ozil has played 37 games in all competitions in which he scored 9 goals and provided three assists.


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