Messi to sue El Mundo on contract leak

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Following the leak by El Mundo that revealed his huge 492 million pounds deal, Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi is considering taking legal action against the Spanish newspaper.

The media print told the story of how the heart of Messi’s deal with the Catalan giants has enraged the player and the club causing pandemonium as regards the snitch of the development.

It was reported that Messi’s world’s earnings amount to 122 million pounds instead of 100m euros which are known to the world.

However, there are questions hanging on how the newspaper got to laid hands on the deal between the club and their taliman but Barca reverted by saying the club was regretting on issuing out a sensitive documents which violated the ‘confidentiality between the parties’

‘The club regrets the publication given that it’s a private document governed by the principal of confidentiality between the parties.’ the club said through a statement.

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But the club denied that they were not responsible for how those documents got leaked

Frontpage of El Mundo showing Messi contract leak story

‘FC Barcelona categorically denies any responsibility for the publication and will take the appropriate legal action against El Mundo for any damage that may be caused as a result.’ the club denied.

Through the ten-page story issued by the Spanish media outfit, it shows the discord between Messi and the Catalan on his future.

However, the club set to go the legal way on the development of the incident , as search have been made in fishing out the snitch(es). Suggetions were made as all fingers were pointing to those who worked with Josep Bartomeu, who resigned last October.

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