Messi says his moment of withdrawal is approaching after a record of Sixth Ballon d’Or crown

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Lionel Messi

Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi is not sure how long he can keep playing. The moment of withdrawal is approaching for Messi after picking up his sixth Ballon d’Or on Monday in Paris.

Messi realizing that his football career days are around the corner ushers strong race from Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk. And win the award again since 2015, over his lifetime opponent, Christiano Ronaldo.

However, making him one ahead of Ronaldo who was third, while Van Dijk second. They both had five Ballon d’Or each until now that the Argentine is one forward.

Moreover, the 32-year-old Barca star has 41 goals in 44 club appearances this year. But not sure how long he can maintain his wonderful tricks and goalscoring habit.

Leo is into his 16th season with Barcelona and his 700th appearance for the LaLiga champions. Barcelona last 3-1 win against Borussia Dortmund makes his 700. 

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The Barcelona 6th-time world best player records the first victory of the prestigious accolade decade ago in Paris, now sixth.

Messi and the six prestigious awards
Messi has six Ballon d’Or awards within a decade (2009-2019)

Speaking on stage after collecting the award, Messi said “To the journalists and my colleagues with whom I win and lose. I remember my first Ballon D’Or in Paris, when I arrived with my brothers. Now I pick up the sixth, and this was absolutely unthinkable.

He continues ”I never stopped dreaming and enjoying football like when I was a child. I hope I have more years to enjoy, although I am aware of how old I am. Everything happens very quickly and I know that the moment of withdrawal is approaching.”

The question around is: Messi giving his career up for Ronaldo to outshine him? Everyone knows that Christiano is not planning his stop soon. Then Ronaldo will exist even after Messi retires.

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