Memphis Depay of FC Barcelona links up with Nigerian singer Davido ahead of Davido’s concert at O2 Arena


    FC Barcelona striker, Memphis Depay linked up with one of the biggest Nigerian musicians Davido on Instagram live earlier this week. In the less than two-minute chat, they both tried to familiarize themselves with each other to the amazement of their followers.

    In a clip that surfaced on Twitter containing the conversations of the two celebrities, Memphis Depay could be heard asking Davido where he was. The Nigerian musician used the opportunity to tell him that he was in London shopping ahead of his sold-out concert at O2 Arena which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 5, 2022, from 18:30.

    Also, Davido asked Memphis Depay where he was and the FC Barcelona star confirmed that though he now plays for FC Barcelona in Spain, he was in Paris, France (his home country) at the time they were having the Instagram live chat.

    Afterward, Depay and Davido flaunted the Puma logo on their clothes as ambassadors of the sportswear manufacturing company.

    The Nigerian Afrobeat singer then went on to promise that he would one day visit Spain to watch one of Memphis Depay’s games. davido noted that FC Barcelona’s new signing, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was also his brother.

    “I will come to Spain and we have to link up because Aubameyang is also my brother and it will be nice to see you guys over there as I am currently in London.”

    On the other hand, Depay promised to send Davido one of his new clothing collections which he intends to release later in the year in partnership with Puma.

    Note that earlier in March 2022, Puma confirmed that Depay has been added to its roaster as the company’s ambassador. The partnership will enable Depay to launch a fashion collection via the footballer’s fashion sub-label BADTTW (‘Blind and Deaf to the World’).

    Watch the conversation between Davido and Depay below:

    What are the things Memphis Depay and Davido have in common?

    Memphis Depay and Davido.
    Memphis Depay and Davido.

    Though Memphis Depay is known across the world as a French footballer who has played for PSV, Manchester United, Lyon, and now FC Barcelona, he has a lot in common with Davido, a renowned Nigerian musician.

    Just like Depay, people are willing to pay their hard-earned money to watch Davido. For instance, in 2019, the Nigerian musician sold out the 20,000-sitting capacity O2 Arena in London. In 2022, Davido repeated the same feat days before his concert on March 5. You can pay from £125 to £140 to watch Davido’s show in London.

    Aside from that, just like Davido, Memphis Depay is a musician. In 2017, the French footballer released his debut hip-hop freestyle “LA Vibes”.

    Afterward, the 28-year-old French footballer continued to prove that his second passion is music when he released his debut album ‘Heavy Stepper’ in 2020.

    Aside from music, another thing Davido and Depay have in common is fashion. The 29-year-old Nigerian musician has proven over the years that he is down for a luxurious lifestyle.

    Nigeriaan Afrobeat star Davido.
    Nigeriaan Afrobeat star Davido.

    His 23 million Instagram followers can never be tired of the glamorous lifestyle the musician always shares with them. Davido loves to dress well, and not just well, very expensively.

    A check on Depay’s Instagram page with 13.7 million followers proved the same which means that he and the Nigerian musician are completely on the same boat.

    It might interest you to note that Memphis Depay who reportedly has a net worth of 28 Million Euro is said to be earning around five million euros at FC Barcelona.

    So far this season, the Frenchman has scored 9 goals, provided 2 assists in 24 games in all competitions for FC Barcelona. His contract with the Spanish club will expire on June 30, 2023.


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